Judge Regional Coordinators

Do you want more information about the judge program or in becoming a judge? Do you need to find judges to help at your events? Or are you a judge that wants to find out about judging opportunities? Do you need advice on best practices when running events or want to improve the events that you are already running? The judge program has Regional Coordinators covering the globe that are there to help with all areas of tournament Magic.

To contact the appropriate Regional Coordinator click the link by their name below. You will need your membership number and password to login for the redirect to the Judge Center.

North America


Regional Coordinator: Gavin Duggan
Countries: Canada


Regional Coordinator: Jeremy Behunin
States: Alaska, Colorado (effective Jan. 1, 2013), Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming


Regional Coordinator: David Zimet
States: Arizona, California, Nevada


Regional Coordinator: Steven Briggs
States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin


Regional Coordinator: Kevin Binswanger
States: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


Regional Coordinator: Shawn Doherty
States: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont


Regional Coordinator: Nicholas Sabin
States: District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia


Regional Coordinator: Justin Turner
States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina Countries: Barbados, Puerto Rico (shared with Damian Hiller)

Central and South America

Latin America-Spanish

Regional Coordinator: Adrian Estoup
Countries: All except Brazil


Regional Coordinator: Thales Bittencourt
Countries: Brazil



Regional Coordinator: Richard Drijvers
Countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

German speaking countries

Regional Coordinator: Michael Wiese
Countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland


Regional Coordinator: George Trichopoulos
Countries: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey


Regional Coordinator: Sebastian Pekala
Countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic


Regional Coordinator: Johanna Virtanen
Countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden


Regional Coordinator: Guillaume Beuzelin
Countries: France

Italy & Malta

Regional Coordinator: Cristiana Dionisio
Countries: Italy, Malta

Russia & Russian speaking countries

Regional Coordinator: Eugene Bazhenov
Countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

Spain & Portugal

Regional Coordinator: Sergio Perez
Countries: Portugal, Spain

United Kingdom & South Africa

Regional Coordinator: David Lyford-Smith
Countries: Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa


China & Korea

Regional Coordinator: Edwin Zhang
Countries & regions: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea


Regional Coordinator: Makino Mitsunori
Countries: Japan

South East Asia

Regional Coordinator: Wearn Chong
Countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand


Australia & New Zealand

Regional Coordinator: Nathan Brewer
Countries: Australia, New Zealand

Countries alphabetically

Country Region Coordinator
Australia Australia & New Zealand Nathan Brewer
New Zealand Australia & New Zealand Nathan Brewer
Belgium BeNeLux Richard Drijvers
Luxembourg BeNeLux Richard Drijvers
Netherlands BeNeLux Richard Drijvers
Brazil Brazil Thales Bittencourt
Canada Canada Gavin Duggan
China China Edwin Zhang
Hong Kong China Edwin Zhang
Taiwan China Edwin Zhang
Albania Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Bosnia Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Bulgaria Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Croatia Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Cyprus Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Greece Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Israel Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Macedonia Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Montenegro Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Romania Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Serbia Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Slovenia Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Turkey Europe-East George Trichopoulos
Czech Republic Europe-Mid-East Sebastian Pekala
Hungary Europe-Mid-East Sebastian Pekala
Poland Europe-Mid-East Sebastian Pekala
Slovak Republic Europe-Mid-East Sebastian Pekala
Denmark Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
Estonia Europe-North Johanne Virtanen
Finland Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
Iceland Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
Latvia Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
Lithuania Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
Norway Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
Sweden Europe-North Johanna Virtanen
France France Alexis Rassel
Austria German speaking countries Michael Wiese
Germany German speaking countries Michael Wiese
Switzerland German speaking countries Michael Wiese
Italy Italy & Malta Cristiana Dionisio
Malta Italy & Malta Cristiana Dionisio
Japan Japan & Korea Mitsunori Makino
Korea Japan & Korea Mitsunori Makino
Argentina Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Bolivia Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Chile Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Colombia Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Costa Rica Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Dominican Republic Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Ecuador Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
El Salvador Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Guatemala Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Honduras Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Mexico Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Nicaragua Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Panama Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Peru Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Uruguay Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Venezuela Latin America-Spanish Damian Hiller
Puerto Rico Latin America-Spanish / USA-SouthEast Damian Hiller and Justin Turner
Barbados Russia & Russian speaking countries Justin Turner
Kazakhstan Russia & Russian speaking countries Eugene Bazhenov
Russia Russia & Russian speaking countries Eugene Bazhenov
Ukraine Russia & Russian speaking countries Eugene Bazhenov
Unites States see below various
Indonesia South East Asia Wearn Chong
Malaysia South East Asia Wearn Chong
Phillipines South East Asia Wearn Chong
Singapore South East Asia Wearn Chong
Thailand South East Asia Wearn Chong
Portugal Spain & Portugal Sergio Perez
Spain Spain & Portugal Sergio Perez
Ireland United Kingdom, Ireland, & South Africa David Lyford-Smith
South Africa United Kingdom, Ireland, & South Africa David Lyford-Smith
United Kingdom United Kingdom, Ireland, & South Africa David Lyford-Smith
Belarus USA-SouthEast Eugene Bazhenov

US states

See also the map.

State/Territory Region Coordinator
Illinois Central Steven Briggs
Indiana Central Steven Briggs
Ohio Central Steven Briggs
District of Columbia MidAtlantic Nicholas Sabin
Kentucky MidAtlantic Steven Briggs
Maryland MidAtlantic Nicholas Sabin
Pennsylvania MidAtlantic Steven Briggs
Tennessee MidAtlantic Nicholas Sabin
Virginia MidAtlantic Nicholas Sabin
West Virginia MidAtlantic Nicholas Sabin
Iowa MidWest Steven Briggs
Michigan MidWest Steven Briggs
Minnesota MidWest Steven Briggs
Nebraska MidWest Steven Briggs
North Dakota MidWest Steven Briggs
South Dakota MidWest Steven Briggs
Wisconsin MidWest Steven Briggs
Connecticut NorthEast Shawn Doherty
Delaware NorthEast Shawn Doherty
Maine NorthEast Shawn Doherty
Massachusetts NorthEast Shawn Doherty
New Hampshire NorthEast Shawn Doherty
New Jersey NorthEast Shawn Doherty
New York NorthEast Shawn Doherty
Rhode Island NorthEast Shawn Doherty
Vermont NorthEast Shawn Doherty
Alaska NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Guam NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Hawaii NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Idaho NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Montana NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Oregon NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Washington NorthWest Jeremy Behunin
Arkansas South Kevin Binswanger
Colorado South Jeremy Behunin
Kansas South Kevin Binswanger
Louisiana South Kevin Binswanger
Missouri South Steven Briggs
New Mexico South Kevin Binswanger
Oklahoma South Kevin Binswanger
Texas South Kevin Binswanger
Wyoming South Jeremy Behunin
Alabama SouthEast Justin Turner
Florida SouthEast Justin Turner
Georgia SouthEast Justin Turner
Mississippi SouthEast Justin Turner
North Carolina SouthEast Nicholas Sabin
South Carolina SouthEast Justin Turner
Arizona SouthWest Sean Catanese
California SouthWest Sean Catanese
Nevada SouthWest Sean Catanese
Utah SouthWest Jeremy Behunin

If your country or region is not listed and you need assistance with judging matters, please contact WotC by using the "email us" tab at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice

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