TweetMTG Game Rules

TweetMTG takes advantage of Twitter to bring excitement and unpredictability to your Magic games. Although TweetMTG works best in multiplayer games, two-player games can also join in on the fun. TweetMTG fits your game: wherever you are, whatever format you're playing.

Starting the Game

Before the game begins, each player declares he or she is joining the team of one the five Planeswalkers (Ajani, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Garruk). The team selection will determine how the tweets affect you over the course of the game. Multiple players may choose the same Planeswalker.

Note that your team selection doesn't change who is your opponent and who is your teammate. For example, if you're playing a Free-for-All multiplayer game and have chosen to be on Jace's team, other players on Jace's team in that game are still your opponents.

Receiving the Tweets

Throughout the game, new tweets will be sent out from the TweetMTG Twitter feed. When a new tweet is sent out, the following happens:

  • Each player should read the tweet.
  • The player currently taking a game action finishes that action. For example, if you are declaring attackers when a new tweet is sent out, you finish declaring attackers.
  • The tweet's ability goes on the stack the next time a player would receive priority (like a triggered ability). Each player may respond to the tweet's ability with spells and/or abilities, just like any other ability.

Tweet Rules

  • The text "[Planeswalker's] team" means "each player on [Planeswalker's] team."
  • The text "[Planeswalker's] enemies" means "each player not on [Planeswalker's] team."
  • Some tweets deal damage to creatures and/or players. Tweets are colorless and have no card type.
  • The abilities of tweets can't be countered, copied, or targeted while on the stack.
  • As the first part of resolving a tweet's ability, any effects from a previous tweet that last "until next tweet" wear off. Then the instructions of the tweet are followed.
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