Magic Weekend Nagoya Event Information

Nagoya Trade & Industry Center
June 10-12, 2011

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Wizards of the Coast is committed to hosting Magic Weekend Nagoya in June. The Japanese players and fans are looking forward to the event, and we’re excited to bring them the highest level of Magic competition in the world. We understand that each individual player needs to make the decision for themselves about whether or not they’re comfortable attending, and we always recommend checking with your local travel authority for more information.

The second Magic Weekend of 2011 will be highlighted by exclusive previews of upcoming Magic: The Gathering sets and the latest stop for the Pro Tour. If you're excited about seeing the future of Magic: The Gathering, you won't want to miss special previews of the Magic 2012 Core Set, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, and Magic: The Gathering - Commander that will be shown at Magic Weekend Nagoya. Combine that with the second Pro Tour of the season, fantastic public events, appearances by Magic artists Steven Belledin and Daarken, and tons of other activities and Magic Weekend has something for fans of all ages and play skill.


Venue Information

Nagoya Trade & Industry Center (Fukiage Hall)
2-6-3 Fukiage, Chikusa-ku
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
TEL 052-735-2111

Tournament Hall Hours

Thursday: 13:00 - 23:00
Friday: 7:30 - 23:00
Saturday: 8:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 8:00 - 23:00


Pro Tour Tournament Format and Schedule

An Insider's Guide to the Pro Tour

Pro Tour Nagoya is a three-day invitation-only Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed and Scars of Mirrodin / Mirrodin Besieged / New Phyrexia Booster Draft format event with a Booster Draft Top 8. The Standard-format Last-Chance Qualifier will be held Thursday, June 9 on-site starting at 2 p.m. (LCQ registration begins at 1 p.m.).

The Pro Tour Social Network

We know you’re a fan of the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour; now you can make it official! Catch the Pro Tour on Facebook: become a fan, find out about new updates to Magic Weekend and Pro Tour, view exclusive photos, share your story with the community, and more!

Media Requests

Please send an email to if you wish to set up a press credential for Magic Weekend Nagoya. Wizards of the Coast asks that all media requests be submitted by May 27 (two weeks prior to the event).


Travel Information

 Hotel Information  

There are a number of hotels located near Nagoya station in the heart of the city, a short subway ride from the Magic Weekend site. The following hotels are not endorsed by or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. The hotels on this list are taken from guidebooks and provided here for your convenience.

Hotel Sunroute Plaza Nagoya
2-35-24 Mei-eki, Nakmura-ku
Nagoya-shi 450-0002
TEL 052-571-2221
FAX 052-571-2235
Rooms from ¥9,240/night

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel
1-1-4 Mei-eki, Nakamura-ku,
Nagoya-shi 450-6002
TEL 052-584-1111
FAX 052-584-1112
Rooms from ¥24,000/night

Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
4-6-8 Sakae, Naka-ku
Nagoya-shi 460-0008
TEL 052-251-2411
FAX 052-251-2422
Rooms from ¥17,500/night

International Hotel Nagoya
3-23-3 Nishiki, Naka-ku
Nagoya-shi 460-0003
TEL 052-962-3111
FAX 052-962-5937
Rooms from ¥6,330/night

The capital of Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya is centrally located in Japan and is its third-largest city. Its placement on a river plain descending from the central mountains has long made Nagoya a strategically important area on the Tokaido (Pacific Highway) linking the imperial capital of Kyoto and the military capital of Edo (now Tokyo). The city is culturally significant as well due to the presence of the Atsuta Shrine, which holds the Kusunagi Sword, one of the three most revered relics of Japan's native Shinto religion. Long a manufacturing center home to cotton mills and pottery barns, Aichi is now perhaps most well-known as the home of Toyota Motors. This will be the Pro Tour's second stop in Nagoya.

For travel questions and concerns, Wizards of the Coast recommends the following websites, or for you to consult your country's official travel advisories:

Travel by Air
There are three options for air travel into Nagoya: through Chubu Centrair Airport (Nagoya), Kansai International Aiport (Osaka), and the New Tokyo International Airport (Narita/Tokyo).

Chubu Centrair
The closest international airport to Nagoya, the Chubu Centrair Aiport offers limited service to North America and Europe, with links to Detroit, Frankfurt, and Helsinki. Flights to all major Asian cities are available, including Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xian, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Seoul, Busan, Manila, Bangkok, and Singapore. Travelers arriving at Centrair can travel to central Nagoya by either bus or express train from the airport; the trip by train takes roughly 30 minutes and costs ¥850 while the bus requires 70 minutes and costs ¥1400.

Kansai International
The most convenient international airport to Nagoya in terms of service from North America and Europe is Kansai International Airport. Opened in 1994, Kansai International is located on an artificial island outside Osaka, Japan's second city, and services North America, Europe, and Asia with numerous direct flights from major hubs in those regions. Travelers whose final destination is Nagoya who are arriving at Kansai will need to first take a train or bus from the airport into Osaka proper, then transfer to an express or Shinkansen (bullet train) line to travel to Nagoya. (Due to their geographic proximity, there are no domestic flight between Kansai and Centrair.) English assistance is available at the Kansai International terminal.

Travelers using regular express trains to continue to Nagoya should take either a Limosuine Bus or the JR Airport Express Haruka to Kyoto station. The trip takes roughly 85 minutes by bus and 75 minutes by train. A bus ticket costs ¥2500; a train ticket ¥2970. At Kyoto, a transfer to the Nagahama-bound Tokaido line is necessary, followed by a transfer at Yonehara for the Kanayama-bound Tokaido line. In total, the trip from Kyoto to Nagoya takes roughly 2.5 hours and will cost ¥2520.

Travelers who wish to use the Shinkansen should take the JR Airport Express Haruka to Shin-Osaka station. The trip lasts approximately 50 minutes and costs ¥1320 for a ticket; trains leave roughly every 30 minutes throughout the day. After arriving at Shin-Osaka, travelers will transfer to the Tokaido Shinkansen bound north for Nagoya. The trip from Osaka to Nagoya by Shinkansen lasts 49 minutes and costs ¥6380 for a ticket on the Nozomi express; the trip is slightly longer on a Hikari rapid train. Trains leave Shin-Osaka for Nagoya roughly once every 10 minutes.

New Tokyo International (Narita)
Japan's largest international airport, Narita has been in service since 1978 and has long been the international community's gateway into the country with service to all major georegions in the world. Travelers arriving in Japan through Narita will be able to transfer to a domestic flight to Centrair Airport without leaving the airport. Please refer to the section above for information on travel from Centrair to central Nagoya.

The venue for Magic Weekend Nagoya is at the Fukiage subway stop on the Sakura-doori Line.

The venue for Magic Weekend Nagoya, the Nagoya Trade and Industry Center (Fukage Hall), is located near Fukiage station on the Sakura-doori subway line, approximately a 13-minute ride from Nagoya station. The center is roughly a five-minute walk from Exit No. 5. The GPS coordinates for Fukiage Hall are [35.158634,136.929877].

Site Attractions


Come one, come all to participate in four days of events open to the public. Starting Thursday with the Last-Chance Qualifier, there are tournaments, drafts, Magic: The Gathering - Commander, and open dueling all weekend. Public event prizes include invitations and airfare to Pro Tour Philadelphia, foil card sets, PlayStation® PS3™ gaming systems, and much more!

Test your Magic skills against Wizards of the Coast R&D members Tom LaPille, Ken Nagle, and Dave Guskin. Win and you can walk away with cool Magic prizes!

Prominent Magic artists Steven Belledin and Daarken will be on hand for free signings of your favorite cards, plus you’ll have the opportunity to buy prints and even original artwork. Artist booth times to be announced.

Sunday's Pro Tour Top 8 can be viewed on screens in the hall starting at 10:45 a.m Sunday morning, with Pro Tour Statistician Rich Hagon and Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall providing the commentary. The matches are also available as a webcast from the comfort of your own home.

Register for any public event at Magic Weekend Nagoya and receive a premium foil copy of Ajani Goldmane (while supplies last).
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