Magic Weekend Paris 2011 Artists

Artist booth times to be announced.

Aleksi Briclot

A concept artist and art director in the video game industry for nine years, Aleksi was lead artist on ColdFear, the horror-action game developed by DarkWorks for Ubisoft, then on Splinter Cell Double Agent, from the hit series and more recently on Haze (still Ubisoft) and Dungeon Runners (NCsoft). He also contributed on the Heroes of Might & Magic 4's trailer and the Prince of Persia 3 2005 E3's booth banner.

Also an illustrator, he is one of the main card and packaging artists for Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering, Dreamblade) and has drawn pieces for RPG books (hundreds of interior illustrations), magazines, and comics. He did covers for Mage, Vampire, C.O.P.S Rpgs, Tolkien, J.V.Jones, Bradley books, Horrorclix (Wizkids) packaging, Privateer Press, and World of Warcraft gaming cards.

As for comic books, his early works were the comics adaptation of the video game Alone in the Dark 4, then Spawn: Simony, the graphic novel for TMP which was the best-selling trade paperback in the US for May 2004. He had also taken part in the Legends of the Round Table, a comic book for the European market. He’s also a cover artist for Marvel on the Annihilation: Conquest saga and for Hellgate, another Dark Horse limited comic book series. He is also an instructor for the international ConceptArt / MassiveBlack workshops and you can find samples of his artworks in several international art books, fantastic and digital art anthologies. He won a silver award in Spectrum 16.

Igor Kieryluk

Igor Kieryluk is a freelancer illustrator working and living in a remote corner of Poland. He’s currently trying to fit the equivalent of a full-time job and desperate attempts to finish college into one human-sized life.

Igor started working in the industry two-and-a-half years ago and soon landed a job on Zendikar, and has been on the roster ever since. Working for Wizards of the Coast jumpstarted more work and soon he was doing multiple cover and interior pieces for different publishing imprints, most of them still unreleased, as well as work for other P&P game companies like Fantasy Flight Games.

Igor is currently involved in a hush-hush graphic novel project and several comic books covers.

He also plays Magic a lot through Magic: The Gathering Online. In fact he’s been playing Magic since Mirage.

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