New Set Celebrations

Want to be the first player in your area to experience new cards as soon as they come out—or even before they're on sale? Magic: The Gathering New Set Celebrations are the events for you.

Worldwide Prereleases

Can't wait to get your hands on the newest Magic: The Gathering expansion set? Want to join thousands of players all over the globe as they get a sneak peek into the future of the game before the new set hits the shelves? Become a part of the New Set Celebration by making your way to a Prerelease!

Prereleases happen all around the world on the Saturday or Sunday one week before a new expansion set is available for retail sale. It gives players their first chance to see and play with the new cards. Prereleases are perfect for new and experienced players offering DCI sanctioned play and featuring the Sealed Deck format. Plus, a special edition foil promo card is given out to participants just for signing up to play at the prerelease (while supplies last).

See and play the cards before anyone else, plus get cool prizes just for signing up! You can use the Magic Locator in the left-hand navigational bar of this page to find a Prerelease near you.

Worldwide Magic Game Day

Magic Game Day gives you a shot at glory by becoming a local champion! Run in local game and hobby stores around the world a month after a new card set is available in stores, Magic Game Day is a great way to interact with your local players and see how the new cards shape the Constructed metagame.

Magic Game Day features the Standard format, showcasing the new card set in the most popular format in the world. A selection of Top 8 decks will be published on this site after each Game Day.

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