New to Tournaments and Events?

The letter L!ooking for someone to play? Eager for new challenges? Magic: The Gathering's network of leagues and tournaments is just what you're searching for. From the casual venue of Friday Night Magic to the best of the best on the Pro Tour, you're sure to find the right place to enjoy the best trading card game in the world.

Friday Night Magic (FNM)

Friday Night Magic allows you to play tournament-level Magic, learn new strategies and win a variety of exclusive prize cards. FNM is the place to begin building Planeswalker Points. Click on the FNM link above to locate a store near you and find out why Fridays are the best night of the week.


Can't wait for the newest set of Magic to be released? Head to your nearest Prerelease and play with the new cards before you can buy them -- and receive a special commemorative foil card. If you're looking to start your career in sanctioned Magic events in a relaxed, low-key environment, there isn't a easier or more fun way than playing at a Prerelease.

Game Days

Magic Game Day gives you a shot at glory by becoming a local champion! Run in local game and hobby stores around the world a month after a new card set is available in stores, Magic Game Day is a great way to interact with your local players and see how the new cards shape the Constructed metagame.

World Magic Cup Qualifiers

If you dream of playing in the World Magic Cup, you'll want to start here. Your country's World Magic Cup Qualifiers offer three slots to the World Magic Cup and a chance to represent your nation on the world's biggest Magic stage!

Constructed Formats

Not sure what it means for an event to be "Standard" or "Vintage"? Stop by the Sanctioned Formats page for a quick breakdown of the major Constructed formats of Magic.

Pro Tour Qualifier Tournaments

Qualifier tournaments are where the game really gets serious. The excitement level is high and the stakes are even higher. Players the world over converge with a common goal in mind -- an invitation to the Pro Tour, which comes with an airplane ticket to the next Pro Tour stop.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix are easily the biggest open events for Magic players. They're high-energy and held around the world. Plus, no invitation is necessary -- anyone can attend. No pro points? No problem. Playing a good game is all that matters, and with Pro Tour invitations awarded to the top four finishers and cash prizes all the way down to 64th place, one thing is certain: a Grand Prix is sure-fire great time. Look for one near you.

Pro Tour

This is where legends are born. Three annual worldwide stops make up the Tour, with each event showcasing a prize pool of $250,000. Travel the world, face off against the best players the game has to offer, and enjoy the spoils available to those living the life of a professional Magic player.

World Magic Cup

The World Magic Cup crowns the top Magic nation each year. Players from more than 50 countries come together for the pinnacle of international Magic competition.

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