Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifiers: San Juan 2010

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  • Compete in the San Juan Superdraft!

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Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments continue for the 2nd Pro Tour of the 2010 Season - Pro Tour San Juan.

Date Time Format
Saturday, 1/2/10 11am Pacific / 1900 UTC Extended
Sunday, 1/3/10 5am Pacific / 1300 UTC Extended
Sunday, 1/10/10 7am Pacific / 1500 UTC Extended
Tuesday, 1/12/10 5am Pacific / 1300 UTC Extended
Thursday, 1/14/10 1pm Pacific / 2100 UTC Extended
Sunday, 1/17/10 9am Pacific / 1700 UTC Extended
Tuesday, 1/26/10 7am Pacific / 1500 UTC Extended
Sunday, 1/31/10 1am Pacific / 900 UTC Extended
Thursday, 2/11/10 3pm Pacific / 2300 UTC Extended
Sunday, 2/14/10 3am Pacific / 1200 UTC Extended
Thursday, 3/18/10 5pm Pacific / 0100 (Fri) UTC Extended
Sunday, 3/21/10 5am Pacific / 1400 UTC Extended
Tuesday, 3/23/10 9am Pacific / 1700 UTC Extended
Thursday, 3/25/10 7pm Pacific / 0300 UTC (Fri) Extended
Sunday, 3/28/10 7am Pacific / 1600 UTC Extended
Tuesday, 4/6/10 11am Pacific / 1900 UTC Extended

Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier (Pro Tour–San Juan)

TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE: Extended constructed w/top 8

SIZE: 33 players minimum, 768 players maximum.

TIME: All rounds will be 50 minutes.

LOCATION: Premier Events room.

ADMISSION: 25 Event Tickets

PRODUCT: Extended constructed deck and sideboard.


Prizes are awarded based on final event standings as follows:

Place Prize
1 Pro Tour–San Juan Invitation
San Juan Superdraft Invitation
2 36 Zendikar or Worldwake digital boosters*
3 – 4 27 Zendikar or Worldwake digital boosters*
5 – 8 18 Zendikar or Worldwake digital boosters*
9 – 16 9 Zendikar or Worldwake digital boosters*
17 - 32 6 Zendikar or Worldwake digital boosters*
33 – 64 3 Zendikar or Worldwake digital boosters*

*Magic Online San Juan PTQs scheduled prior to 2/22/10 will offer Zendikar boosters as prize support and after 2/22/10 will offer Worldwake digital boosters as prize support.

Pro Tour Qualifier Eligibility
Invitations to the Pro Tour (including those awarded on Magic Online) are governed by the Magic: The Gathering Premier Event Invitation Policy. The latest version can be viewed here.

Players who already hold invitations to Pro Tour–San Juan may not compete in individual-format Qualifier tournaments (including Magic Online Qualifiers for Pro Tour–San Juan) that feed into Pro Tour–San Juan.

For a list of players invited to Pro Tour–San Juan, click here.

Players that compete in Qualifier tournaments (including Magic Online Qualifier tournaments) for which they already hold an invitation will be subject to appropriate DCI penalties, up to and including suspension.

Important information regarding event crashes for the PTQs
If, in the sole judgment of Wizards of the Coast and its representatives, a system error, tournament or rules bug, or other issue has significantly compromised the integrity of the event, Wizards of the Coast retains the right to modify the tournament structure as needed to maintain as fair and competitive an experience as possible for all players.

Superdraft (Pro Tour–San Juan)

START TIME: TBA. This event will be scheduled around the San Juan Pro Tour events so that registered players will be able to compete in both events.

LOCATION: Live event at Pro Tour–San Juan


ADMISSION: FREE (admission limited to Pro Tour–San Juan online qualifier winners; all product will be supplied)

PRIZE SUPPORT: Prizes paid as follows:

Place Prize
1 $1,000 & 36 digital boosters
2 $1,000 & 27 digital boosters
3-4 $1,000 & 18 digital boosters
5-8 $1,000 & 12 digital boosters
9-16 $1,000 & 6 digital boosters

Players must have a signed waiver and consent form to compete in the Pro Tour–San Juan Superdraft. Forms can be downloaded here and will be available onsite.
Minors must have a parent or guardian's signature on these forms. Minors will not be able to register or play unless we receive a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. No exceptions!
Bring these forms with you to registration. We will make forms available for competitors at registration, if necessary.
To register, all participants must present one of the following forms of identification:

  • a driver's license, or
  • a passport, or
  • a copy of a birth certificate and photo IDs (school IDs are acceptable).

During the tournaments, Wizards of the Coast staff (marked with the Wizards logo beside their online name) may ask players for their name and/or contact information. Do not give out your information to anyone who is not Wizards of the Coast Staff (marked with the Wizards logo beside their online name). Wizards of the Coast staff members will never ask for your password.

Failure to provide accurate information may result in significant penalties, including suspension from Magic Online tournaments up to and including termination of your Magic Online account.

Playing on another person's account, selling your account, etc. are all violations of the Terms of Service. If you play in these, win, and expect to get your prize, be very, very sure you are on your own account. We do not recognize "I and a friend jointly own the account," "It's my brother's account but he gave it to me," or similar. The only exception is an adult may authorize a single dependent child age 13-18 to play on an account that adult has purchased.

If a player wins that is ineligible to play in DCI™-sanctioned tournaments (i.e. DCI suspended and/or a paid contractor), then the Magic Online Pro Tour invitation will pass down to the player with the next best finish. The final Swiss standings of the PTQ Finals tournament will determine the difference between third and fourth place and the difference between fifth through eighth place, should that be necessary.

In either of the above cases, the booster pack prizes will not pass down to the next player.

Determination of the eligibility of a person under age 18 to participate in a Magic Online PTQ is based on the permission granted to said person by his/her parent or legal guardian. All prizes are awarded "AS IS" and WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, express or implied, (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). This is a contest of skill and, therefore, there are no odds of winning as is the case with a game of chance. All applicable taxes, fees, duties, tariffs, passport or visa costs, and any license, destination, entry, exit and/or delivery charges are the sole responsibility of each player.

All taxes are the responsibility of the members, and members acknowledge Wizards' recommendation that they consult a tax advisor in their jurisdiction for questions regarding their tax liabilities.

Release: By entering (or consenting to the entry of a person under 18) a Magic Online PTQ , each participant (or the participant's parent or legal guardian, if the participant is under 18) and the winner (or the winner's parent or legal guardian, if winner is under 18) thereby releases Wizards of the Coast LLC, Hasbro, and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agencies from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with a Magic Online PTQ or delivery, misdelivery, acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use any prize (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory. Except where prohibited, you agree that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with this contest or any prize awarded shall be resolved under the laws of the State of Washington, without respect to any conflict of law issues, and participants agree that such shall be resolved properly, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by the U.S. Federal and State Courts of King County, Washington, U.S.A. All of Sponsor's decisions regarding the application and interpretation of the Rules are final.

Disclaimer of Liability; Certain Risks
Sponsors, and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, professional advisors, employees and agencies will not be responsible for: (a) any late, lost, misrouted, garbled, distorted, or damaged transmissions or entries; (b) telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet, or other computer- or communications-related malfunctions or failures; (c) any event disruptions, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of Sponsors; or (d) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with Magic Online PTQ.

Participation in a Magic Online PTQ is void where restricted, taxed or prohibited by law.

The winners of this Tournament will be posted on

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