Wizards Play Network - Premium Tournaments

Want to offer your players the biggest, highest-energy WPN events possible? Look no further than the WPN Premium Tournament program!

Only Advanced-level WPN stores with the strongest support can offer their players a WPN Premium Tournament. You can run your Premium Tournament with any rated format at any time of the year. And with a special Premium Tournament link on our Event Locator, the WPN will make sure that players see your event.

You can also have WPN Premium Qualifiers that lead up to your Premium Tournament. These feed the Premium Tournaments with invitations or byes. The stores that host your Qualifiers do not need to be Advanced level, but they do need to be WPN store locations. This lets you set up a whole series of events leading up to your WPN Premium Tournament.

If your store is one of our Advanced-level WPN locations, then you too can get access to the large festival events that players crave. Talk to your WPN representative today about setting up your WPN Premium Tournament and let us help you get your game going!

WPN Premium Tournaments and Qualifiers confer the following benefits:

  • A Planeswalker Points multiplier of 3x for Premium Tournaments and a multiplier of 1x for Premium Qualifiers. The WPN Premium Tournament program is the only way for a WPN store to request a higher Planeswalker Points multiplier.
  • Publicity on our website through a WPN Premium Tournaments page
  • Specific event type scheduling as a “WPN Premium Tournament” or “WPN Premium Qualifier” in our system
  • Search by “WPN Premium Tournaments” type in the tournament locator, with direct links to the event’s website
  • Ability to use “WPN Premium Tournament” title (and logo, when available) in conjunction with the event
To get these benefits as either a WPN Premium Tournament or Qualifier, a store must fulfill the following requirements. Determining final qualification and fulfillment of these restrictions is at the discretion of Wizards of the Coast.
  • Event cannot be a WPN program (Prerelease, FNM, Game Day, Grand Prix Trial or Launch Party), or conflict with other Premier events in the region (Pro Tours, Worlds, Nationals, local Grand Prix or Pro Tour Qualifiers)
  • Location must request event status as a WPN Premium Tournament or WPN Premium Qualifier(s) from the Wizards WPN team at least two months in advance of the event date. The Event must be sanctioned at the time this request is made and must conform with all WPN floor rules and tournament rules.
  • Event must be advertised as a WPN Premium Tournament; tournament name must be “WPN Premium Tournament – (Store Name)” or “WPN Premium Tournament – (Store Name) Qualifier”
  • Event must have a web page we can link to with event information, as well as rules and a schedule for any related WPN Premium Qualifiers
The following additional requirements apply to WPN Premium Tournaments:
  • Location must be Advanced level and have reported a single rated tournament with at least 75 unique players in the previous 12 months
  • Event must use a Level 2+ certified Judge as head judge
  • Event site must seat at least 100 players

The following additional requirements apply to WPN Premium Qualifiers:

  • Location must be Gateway level
  • Event must feed (offer invitations, points or byes to) a WPN Premium Tournament
  • Event must be open to all players
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