2011 Great Britain National Championship

Player First Name Player Last Name Invitation Reason Qualifier City Qualifier Date
Dominic Flannigan Qualifier Aldershot 4/16/2011
Nathan Yates Qualifier Aldershot 4/16/2011
Aaron Biddle Qualifier Beeston 4/9/2011
Ben Gamble Qualifier Beeston 4/9/2011
Matt Light Qualifier Beeston 4/9/2011
Owen Debenham Qualifier Brighton 4/17/2011
Tim Hazlehurst Qualifier Brighton 4/17/2011
Lee Purslow Qualifier Brighton 4/17/2011
Thomas Rickarby Qualifier Bristol 4/10/2011
Jake Wheatley Qualifier Bristol 4/10/2011
Jan Huang Qualifier Cambridge 4/9/2011
Benjamin Sanders Qualifier Cambridge 4/9/2011
Ben Scoones Qualifier Cambridge 4/9/2011
Jack Hackett Qualifier Cardiff 4/16/2011
Chris John Qualifier Cardiff 4/17/2011
Andrew Rouse Qualifier Cardiff 4/16/2011
Owen Scarr Qualifier Cardiff 4/17/2011
Rob Smyth Qualifier Cardiff 4/17/2011
Simon Turner Qualifier Cardiff 4/16/2011
Thomas Behean Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
MIKEY Brown Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
Laura Dawes Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
Carrie Oliver Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
Ken Green Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Mark Greene Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Chris Hogg Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Ross Jenkins Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Stuart Ravenshear Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Edward Ross Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Martin Gerrish Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Les Harvey Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Christopher Henshaw Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
John Jemmett Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Jon Alexander Qualifier Fraddon 3/19/2011
Scott Mitchell Qualifier Fraddon 3/19/2011
Dylan Black Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
Adrian Fraser Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
Jonathan Isaacs Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
scott macpherson Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
James Chilcott Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Francois Hauchard Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Paul Hodgson Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Matt Parker Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Nick Doropoulos Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
James Fawcett Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Mark Griffiths Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Dan Hiscutt Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Daniel Merritt Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Mark Riley Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Guy Southcott Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Daniel Thomas Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Adam Biltcliffe Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Christopher Burden Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Glenn Goldsworthy Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Barry Horwood Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Matej Huang Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Edward Hughes Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Nick Masetti Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Joe Rodway Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Cameron Simmonds Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Bart£omiej Tomiczek Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Jamie Hannah Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Lee Houldsworth Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Quinton Lip Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Tom Marsh Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Alexander Shoemark Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Ross Silcock Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Graham Silver Ford Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Chris Vincent Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Ed Wilson Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
David Bevan Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Chris Clapton Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Joe Fletcher Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Daniel Harborne Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Joseph Jackson 2010 National Champion N/A N/A
Jonathan Randle 2010 Alternate N/A N/A
Richard Bland 2010 National Team N/A N/A
Daniel Gardner 2010 National Team N/A N/A
Tony Adams Rating N/A N/A
Jon Alexander Rating N/A N/A
James Allingham Rating N/A N/A
Mark Aylett Rating N/A N/A
bradley barclay Rating N/A N/A
Adam Barnett Rating N/A N/A
Paul Beaver Rating N/A N/A
Kevin Blake Rating N/A N/A
Richard Bland Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Buchanan Rating N/A N/A
Aaron Cadwallader Rating N/A N/A
Jake Cannon Rating N/A N/A
Shane Condon Rating N/A N/A
James Corwood Rating N/A N/A
Simon Cox Rating N/A N/A
Carl Crook Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Devine Rating N/A N/A
Martin Dingler Rating N/A N/A
William Dunn Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Edwards Rating N/A N/A
Matthew Fisher Rating N/A N/A
Joe Fletcher Rating N/A N/A
Daniel Gardner Rating N/A N/A
David Grant Rating N/A N/A
Jonathan Hagan Rating N/A N/A
Richard Hagon Rating N/A N/A
David Hofmeyr Rating N/A N/A
Jan Huang Rating N/A N/A
Shuo Jiang Rating N/A N/A
Jason Keen Rating N/A N/A
John Keilloh Rating N/A N/A
Mark Knight Rating N/A N/A
Sam Kwang Rating N/A N/A
Ioannis Kyriazis Rating N/A N/A
Ben Lafferty Rating N/A N/A
jack lambourne Rating N/A N/A
Adam Lane Rating N/A N/A
Robin Lubarr Rating N/A N/A
Quentin Martin Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Mather Rating N/A N/A
Adam McHugh Rating N/A N/A
Graeme Mcintyre Rating N/A N/A
Lewis McLeod Rating N/A N/A
Jack Mitchell-Burns Rating N/A N/A
Richard Moore Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Morrison Rating N/A N/A
Peter Mottram Rating N/A N/A
Stephen Murray Rating N/A N/A
Pete Norris Rating N/A N/A
Marco Orsini Jones Rating N/A N/A
Matteo Orsini Jones Rating N/A N/A
Sebastian Parker Rating N/A N/A
Dominic Penton Rating N/A N/A
Chris Pymm Rating N/A N/A
Jonathan Randle Rating N/A N/A
Thomas Reeve Rating N/A N/A
Thom Richardson Rating N/A N/A
Neil Rigby Rating N/A N/A
Daniel Royde Rating N/A N/A
Eduardo Sajgalik Rating N/A N/A
Jason Savage Rating N/A N/A
Ben Scoones Rating N/A N/A
Nick Sephton Rating N/A N/A
Graeme Smith Rating N/A N/A
Richard Smith Rating N/A N/A
David Sutcliffe Rating N/A N/A
Nicholas Taylor Rating N/A N/A
James Thanangadan Rating N/A N/A
Mark Theobald Rating N/A N/A
Daniel Thomas Rating N/A N/A
John-James Watkins-Field Rating N/A N/A
Nicholas West Rating N/A N/A
Christopher Westerlund Rating N/A N/A
Roy Williams Rating N/A N/A
Stuart Wright Rating N/A N/A
Paul Young Rating N/A N/A
Carl Atherton Qualifier Newcastle Upon Tyne 4/2/2011
Richard Coates Qualifier Newcastle Upon Tyne 4/2/2011
David Greenwood Qualifier Newcastle Upon Tyne 4/2/2011
Simon Saucet Qualifier Norwich 4/17/2011
Paul Tompsett Qualifier Norwich 4/17/2011
Nick Ball Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
James Bowen Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Bryan Connolly Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Christian Dunn Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Jack Kettle Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Wenjie Lee Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Lukasz Slowinski Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Adam Barnett Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Joao Choca Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
James Cleak Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Mark Lailey Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Michael Parker Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Ian Atrill Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
jack lambourne Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Craig McKeegan Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Lewis McLeod Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Daniel Sincock Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Gareth Brown Qualifier Portsmouth 4/10/2011
Tim Pinder Qualifier Portsmouth 4/10/2011
Mingrerk Setsompop Qualifier Portsmouth 4/10/2011
Mark Aylett Qualifier Reading 4/3/2011
Steve Bains Qualifier Reading 4/3/2011
Matt Barnes Qualifier Reading 4/3/2011
Patrick Bateman Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Mark Biddle Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
James Bullough Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Aaron Copping Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Marios-Isidoros Doropoulos Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Joe Foster Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Yin Low Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Andrew Mather Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Michael Maxwell Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
John Roberts Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Jason Russell Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
James Allingham Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Cyrus Bales Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Andy Cullyer Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
James Foster Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Jonathan Hagan Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Timothy Lim Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Paul Nonis Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Jason Savage Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Louis Mackie Qualifier Surrey 4/2/2011
James Mills Qualifier Surrey 4/2/2011
Paul Young Qualifier Surrey 4/2/2011
Rob Appleyard Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Thomas Duignan Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
James Goode Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
RICHARD PARKER Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
MANVEER Samra Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Baljeet Samra Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Matthew House Qualifier Yeovil 3/27/2011
Mark Rickell Qualifier Yeovil 3/27/2011
Jacob Shaw Qualifier Yeovil 3/27/2011
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