Magic: The Gathering Worldwide Game Day

  • Play with Tenth Edition cards as soon as they’re available!

  • Take home an exclusive promo card!

  • Meet new players in your area and trade, play, hang out, and have fun!

  • Learn-to-play demos are available for new players!

  • Be a part of the biggest Magic day of the year. Click here for more information about Game Day in North America.

Join players around the world in a celebration of the past, present, and future of Magic you won’t want to miss: the 1st Annual Magic Game Day. Not only will it be your first chance to pick up and play Tenth Edition, but you’ll also receive an exclusive foil promo card of Reya Dawnbringer (while supplies last). You’ll also find league play, contests, tournaments, prizes, and learn-to-play demos. Bring a friend—he or she will get a promo card too.

The format for Magic Game Day is Sealed Deck. Each player receives five Tenth Edition 15-card booster packs to build their deck (minimum of 40 cards). Both tournament and league play will be supported at Magic Game Day.

If you enjoy Magic Game Day, you should look into playing at the next Prerelease Event, along with Friday Night Magic. Magic Game Day kicks off the "Summer of Magic," so be on the lookout for many other opportunites to play Magic at your local stores.

Wondering what's in Tenth Edition? Visit the product page for card spoilers, packaging art, and much more.

Yours for participating (while supplies last).

Schedule and Locations

The 1st Annual Magic Game Day takes place on July 14, 2007 at hundreds of locations across North America.

  • Find a location near you!
  • Prizes

    Participants will receive a special commemorative foil card of Reya Dawnbringer, while supplies last. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the event organizers and vary by location.


    Win a Trip to Worlds

    Players attending Magic Game Day in North America can enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to New York City to attend the 2007 World Championships. Click here for official rules.

    Show off Your Magic Collection

    Participate in the Magic Game Day Scavenger Hunt at North America locations to win a cool Magic-themed backpack. Click here for more information and official rules.

    What is the DCI?

    The DCI is the worldwide organization that handles tournaments and organized play for Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill games. If you are not already a DCI member, you can get more information about the various programs of the DCI here.

    Getting a DCI membership is free and easy. You can participate in any DCI Sanctioned event (such as Magic Game Day) and get a DCI number there.

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