Grand Prix–Rotterdam Planeswalkers Challenges

Join us for this fun activity! In order to participate, pick up your Planeswalkers card at registration or in the Public Events area. The card has 6 Planeswalkers challenges for you to try and accomplish during your weekend at Grand Prix Rotterdam 21st-22nd February 2009.

Receive one stamp for each of the following Planeswalkers challenges:

  • Get a Magic Artist's Signature
  • Get your Planeswalkers pictures done at the photo booth
  • Battle against a Champion in the Champions Challenge
  • Take part in an Open Dueling
  • Play in a Public Event
  • Enter in the main tournament
  • When you fulfill one of the items, your card will be stamped to show your achievement. Once you have collected 3 stamps, put your card in the entry box to enter a draw*.

    All cards received before 3pm on Saturday, enter a first draw taking place between 3pm and 4pm on the Saturday. All cards received between 3pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday will be entered into another draw taking place between 3pm and 4 pm on Sunday.

    The prizes for each of the draws are:

  • 5 Magic sweaters
  • 5 Magic bags
  • 5 Planeswalkers Novels: Agents of Artifice
  • 5 Complimentary Entry vouchers for a public event**.
  • *Only one entry per person per draw. No need to purchase.
    **Not exchangeable, not refundable. Only valid at one of the European Grand Prix tournaments in 2009.

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