Pro Tour–Berlin Store Challenge

The Store Challenge is open only to local stores. These stores will be contacted by Wizards of the Coast for their participation prior to Pro Tour–Berlin. Here are the details of the Store Challenge:

On Saturday, November 1 at Pro Tour–Berlin, teams from multiple stores will compete in the Store Challenge.

For every participating store, two players will join the Two-Headed Giant tournament as a team. The format will be Shards of Alara Sealed Deck.

The winning team chooses one prize from the following list:

  • an original Magic printsheet + frame
  • an exclusive article about the store in the official German Magic Magazine
  • a Magic artist comes to the store for one day to sign cards and meet players
  • After the winning team chooses its prize, the second and third place teams choose from the remaining prizes.

    Additional booster packs will be awarded as prizes to the players. There is no entry fee for this invite-only tournament.

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