Pro Tour–Berlin Artists

John Avon

I am an English freelance illustrator, working primarily in the field of Fantasy and Science Fiction. My professional art career started in 1983, when I worked on all aspects of commercial advertising, from local brochures to national campaigns. Soon my work expanded and I began to paint book-covers, including internationally distinguished authors such as Steven King, Terry Pratchett, Arthur C. Clark, among many others. Over the last 13 years I have produced hundreds of paintings for “Magic The Gathering” with Wizards Of The Coast who have gone on to become my longest standing and favourite client. In the last few years I have produced concept Art for a TV series, painted box-art for toy companies and recently illustrated a huge fantasy art board game.

I live by the sea in Sussex, with my wife Pat (a children’s book illustrator) and two sons Laurence 12 and James 9. My lifelong passion is music- I play and record the guitar & keyboards, all coming from the same creative source and keeps me sane!

See John's work at For a list of John's Magic card illustrations, click here.

Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai, living far from home, formed a friendship in high-school, in the residence halls of Budapest Secondary School of Fine Arts. They worked on their first common project soon after meeting, when they created illustrations for Galaktika, one of Hungary's most popular science and science fiction magazines. Both were influenced by the other's talent, style and visions. They accepted each other's critical remarks and observations and tried to make use of each other's strengths.

As time went by, co-illustrating matured into a steady work affiliation. Their works are based on analogue freehand drawings, though they try to use technological possibilities to their best advantage. They have had several exhibitions throughout Hungary and have made more than six hundred book covers since the middle of the 80's. They are recognized as the founder of contemporary sci-fi and fantasy art in Hungary.

See Zoltan and Gabor’s work at For a list of Zoltan and Gabor's Magic cards, click here.

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