A Planeswalker's Journey through the Pro Tour

"Do you rule?"

Join us for this fun, new activity at the Pro Tour! In order to participate, pick up your badge at Public Event Registration or the DCI Booth. The badge has 20 achievements for you to try and accomplish during your weekend at the Pro Tour.

When you fulfill one of the items, your badge will be stamped to show your achievement:

Receive these stamps when you register for a Public Event:

Play in a Standard Public Event
Play in an Extended Public Event
Play in a Sealed Deck Public Event
Play in a Booster Draft Public Event
Play in a Legacy or Vintage Public Event

To receive these stamps, call a judge. The judge will verify that you have completed the item:

Win a game while at 20 or more life
Deal 10 points of damage to an opponent in a single turn
Deal 20 points of damage to an opponent in a single turn
Control a creature with 10 or more power
Control a creature with 20 or more power
Have ten or more cards in hand
Play seven or more spells in a turn
Control one of each basic land type
Control two or more Planeswalkers

To receive these stamps, go to the Public Events area:

Win 1 Public Event
Win 3 Public Events

Get these stamps from the appropriate area (Demos, Artists, Gunslinging):

Defeat a gunslinger in a game of Magic
Demo Duels of the Planeswalkers
Get a Magic Artist's Signature

Get this stamp right after you win Pro Tour-Berlin:

Win Pro Tour-Berlin

Get as many stamps as you can and lord it over your friends!

Do you Rule?

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