Pro Tour–Honolulu Champions Challenge

The following members of Wizards of the Coast R&D will be at Pro Tour–Honolulu in the Champions Challenge area. Bring a deck and face off against them across multiple formats to win cool prizes!

Mike Turian, Game Developer

My Role?
I spend most of my time designing, developing and playtesting Magic. I’m currently lead developer of the set codenamed “Long” (to be released February 2010). I was lead developer on Conflux as well as a developer on the Shards of Alara, Alara Reborn, and Magic 2010. Working in Magic R&D means I work on lots of awesome projects!

About Me
I came to Wizards after having a lot of success on the Pro Tour. I am newly inducted into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame. The first Magic set I worked on was Ravnica. Since then I have been lead developer of Future Sight, Morningtide, Conflux and “Long”. I have been with Wizards since 2004.

I fight hard for things that I feel will make Magic a better game.

Mark Globus, Game Producer

My Role?
I manage the design and development process within R&D, ensuring that things run smoothly and that everyone is working as effectively as possible. As part of this, I participate on various teams, including Zendikar development and “Long” design (to be released February 2010).

About Me
I joined Wizards of the Coast in 2007 following my fourth-place finish in “The Great Designer Search.” After initially working on digital projects at Wizards (such as Dungeons & Dragons interactive), I joined Magic R&D in August 2008. I greatly enjoy getting to help make Magic; a couple of my favorite cards I have designed are Worm Harvest and Mycoloth.

Kenneth Nagle, Game Designer

My role?
I help create new games and new content for Wizards of the Coast’s tabletop gaming products.

I work about 50% on Magic: The Gathering design, about 35% on MapleStory iTCG design, and about 15% on Duel Masters TCG design, which fluctuates wildly depending on the releases of their expansions.

About Me
I earned a six-month design internship after making top 3 of the immensely arduous and infamous “Great Designer Search” around January 2007. That internship became a full-time position when my bosses Mark Rosewater and Brian Tinsman hired me for design.

…The first Magic card I designed is Merrow Witsniper.
…The first MapleStory card I designed is Soul Arrow.
…The first Duel Masters card I designed is Musha Lupia.

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