Pro Tour–San Diego Artists

The artists booth will be open Friday-Sunday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

rk post

A farmboy from Illinois with a gift for sketching, rk post was planning on a career as a veterinarian until Art 101 his freshman year in college. By his graduation from Northern Illinois University in 1994, rk post was freelancing for the fantasy gaming industry doing interior illustration for several major game companies, gradually teaching himself how to paint with acrylics and eventually oils. rk garnered a staff illustration position at TSR and after its acquisition, continued in this capacity with new parent company Wizards of the Coast painting cover illustrations for games and novels. Passionate about expanding his skill set, rk moved into 2D and 3D art for videogames in addition to his ongoing freelance illustrations for Magic: The Gathering ® and other franchises. He currently works full time as a senior artist for Big Fish Games.

rk’s freelance career continues to flourish, with clients including White Wolf, WizKids, Fanpro, Microsoft (Mythica, X Box), LucasFilm, 20th Century Fox (both Aliens VS Predator), Sega (Dreamcast), Nintendo, Ballantine Books, Science Fiction Book Club, Hasbro (televsion and animation), Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, the History Channel, and Blizzard Ent (Daiblo 2, World of Warcraft) and SOE (The Agency). rk post published his first volume of collected works in the hard cover release, "Postmortem: the Art of rk post." Though this first edition has completely sold out, it still appears on ebay as one of the more valuable fantasy art books in trade.

Jason Felix

Jason Felix was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1973. Most of his childhood was spent in front of the TV. A steady dose of Bugs Bunny, Robotech, Scooby-Doo, Voltron, ThunderCats, Justice League, Land of the Lost, The Three Stooges, Adam's Family, and The Munsters were his favorite shows. In between doses of TV, plenty of time was spent playing 'Kick the Can', 'Ding Dong Ditch', 'and 'Murder Ball'.

At 11 years old, Jason was a happy, spirited boy until that fateful day when he watched Alien with his father. Movies that soon followed included Conan: The Barbarian, Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Clash of the Titans and thus began his fascination with fantasy, science fiction, monsters, and creatures. Notebooks and spare scrapes of paper were filled with tons of sketches. Soon after, he began to play Dungeons and Dragons®. Full of imagination, wonderful creatures and character designs, Jason's obsession grew greater. Comic books, "Choose your Adventure" books, D&D® modules, and art supplies were the only things found in his room.

At the age of 19, Jason got his start as a freelance artist working for White Wolf games, FASA, TSR, and Wizards of the Coast. With over six years of experience creating artwork for over 40+ books and novels, Jason decided to relocate to San Francisco to pursue a full-time career as a concept artist for film/TV/videogames. Jason landed his first job as a contract artist for Broderbund Software where he produced art, illustrations, texture maps, 3D models, 3D animations, and boasts the title of "Technical Director" for the video game title Prince of Persia 3D.Soon after, he contributed his skills as a 3D modeler to the video game Panzer General 3D.

Jason found a new job at Savage Frog working as the Lead Animator creating a number of various TV pilots made for Cartoon Network. He also produced 3D models, was a technical director, created texture maps, and supplied conceptual illustrations.

Seeking to return to the gaming industry, Jason joined Nihilistic Software as a Lead Concept Artist, Modeler, Animator, and Cinematic Director on the now cancelled StarCraft: Ghost. His work on the StarCraft franchise was instrumental in establishing the scope and feel of the ill-fated Ghost game.

For the past four years Jason was the cover art designer for the Karen Traviss Star Wars series, Legacy of the Force, and also worked on Hellgate: London as a senior concept artist at Flagship Studios.

At present, he is a freelance artist for Wizards of the Coast creating concept designs and trading cards for Magic: The Gathering®. In addition, there are numerous personal projects in the works such as Midwest Monsters, Mail Order Monsters series, and Salvaged: The Art of Jason Felix.

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