PTQ Travel Award Information

This information does NOT apply to players who have won Pro Tour Qualifiers on Magic Online. If you won a qualifier on Magic Online, please consult the Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier information sheet for more information.

Congratulations on winning a Pro Tour Qualifier!

Please read the following instructions carefully. You must complete the following steps to receive your travel award.

  1. Complete all of the required documentation:
    • Tax Form (W-9 for US citizens/residents, W-8BEN for Non-US Citizens). If you did not receive this form at the qualifying event, you can find it at by searching for W-9 or W-8BEN respectively. Include your name, full address, SSN (for W-9 only) and your signature. No electronic signatures will be accepted.
    • Consent and Release Agreement: Please return both pages. The player must sign this form regardless of age. A parent or guardian signature is also required for players under 18 years of age. If you did not receive this form at the qualifying event, please click here.
    • Identification: Please include a copy of an age verification document. (Examples: driver’s license, passport, government ID or birth certificate.)
  2. Send all three completed documents by one of the following methods:
    • Fax to +1-425-254-2924, or
    • Scan & email to, or
    • Mail to:
      Wizards of the Coast
      Events Logistics, PTQ
      Attn: Courtney Maheras
      1600 Lind Ave SW Ste 400
      Renton WA 98057
    Do not delay as all documents must be received and verified before travel can be booked.

  3. Receive confirmation & review booking instructions: Wizards will send a confirmation email with travel booking instructions using the email address in your DCI member profile. If you do not receive a confirmation within one week of submitting your documentation, your contact information may be out of date. Go to, click the Email Us tab and sign in or create an account. Then select WPN Players, Prize Inquiry and submit an email.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to book & finalize your travel:The confirmation email will provide instructions on how to contact the travel agency at Hasbro to book travel. Once you receive an itinerary from Hasbro Travel, you will have 24 hours to approve it or make changes. Travel bookings must be finalized no later than 30 days before the first date of travel to the Pro Tour. Any travel not issued and finalized prior to this date will be forfeit.

Please note:
The PTQ travel award is for airfare only and does not include baggage fees or hotel accommodations. All hotel accommodations are the sole responsibility of the player. If you live within driving distance of the Pro Tour, you may be eligible for a Local Travel Award. Please include this information when you send in your documents.

Visa Requirements: It is the player's responsibility to determine if a travel visa is required. Please be aware that visas usually take several weeks to process.

If you are under 18 years of age: Minors who win a Qualifier are not eligible for the plane ticket travel award. Instead, minors will be issued a cash equivalent award equal to the cost of a round trip ticket to the Pro Tour, as determined by Wizards in its sole discretion. This award will be issued only if the player turns in documentation described above, attends the Pro Tour, and registers to play. The cash equivalent award is processed after the Pro Tour.

Important: The receipt of this letter does not itself constitute an invitation. An official invitation list for this event can be found at Invitations will not be awarded until complete event results are received and reviewed. If a tournament official incorrectly or improperly distributes this letter for any reason, Wizards of the Coast and the DCI reserves the right to withhold any and all invitations and prizes for this event. Invitations may be rescinded by the DCI upon investigation.

If you did not receive your forms or have other questions not addressed here, go to, click on the Email Us tab and sign in. Then select WPN Players, Prize Inquiry and submit an email.

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