Born of the Gods Event Deck

Underworld Herald

Playing the Deck

The "Underworld Herald" deck combines aggressive swarms of creatures with devastating spells that destroy your opponent's forces. Enchantment creatures and powerful devotion creatures give you a solid backup plan if your initial offensive can't finish them off.

This deck features a mix of aggressive mechanics. Unleash lets you choose to have your creature enter the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter at the cost of not being able to block. Bestow lets you cast some of your creatures as Auras that turn into creatures if the target they are enchanting is removed. This gives you resilience against opponents who can kill your creatures. Abilities that count your devotion to black get more powerful based on the number of black mana symbols among permanents you control, including hybrid mana symbols like the one on Rakdos Cackler—perfect for a deck with only black cards.

Your goal is to deploy lots of aggressive creatures as fast as possible. Aim to cast a creature on each of your first three turns to make the most of all the tools at your disposal. Your bestow creatures can buff up your first assault so you can stay on the offensive even if your opponent casts a large defensive creature. Mogis's Marauder is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. Its ability to give your army intimidate is the best way to win a game if your opponent is able to stabilize and build up a defensive force.

Keeping the pressure on is key. In the early game, you can use your low-cost creature-kill spells like Doom Blade and Ultimate Price to clear a path for your creatures to continue attacking. Bile Blight is a powerful removal spell that can be used to take out multiple creatures at once if you plan correctly.

When sideboarding, identify your opponent's strategy and add efficient ways to attack it. If you're playing against a slow and controlling deck, Duress is a fine way to topple your opponent's best-laid plans. Against aggressive decks, using Pharika's Cure and Gift of Orzhova to gain life is a powerful play. If the graveyard is where your opponent is gaining advantages, Cremate is a low-cost way to put a stop to that.

Once you're familiar with the "Underworld Herald" deck, there are plenty of great cards to add. If you want to push the devotion mechanic to its limits, Erebos, God of the Dead from the Theros set is a powerful ally. If you find that you're running out of cards too quickly after your aggressive opening turns, Pain Seer is a low-cost creature that uses the Born of the Gods inspired mechanic to allow you to draw extra cards whenever it untaps.


Each Magic™ deck may have a sideboard—a group of extra cards that are particularly good against certain opponents. For example, a card that says "Destroy all artifacts" is great against someone playing a deck that relies on lots of artifacts, but useless against opponents who aren't playing with artifacts. After you play a game against an opponent, you may make changes to your deck using cards from your sideboard. You must reset your deck to its original configuration before playing someone new.

In a Constructed game, your sideboard consists of up to 15 cards. Your combined deck and sideboard can't have more than four copies of any card other than basic land cards. Your deck must have at least 60 cards.

In a Limited game, all the cards you opened that aren't in your main deck are in your sideboard. Your deck must have at least 40 cards.

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