World Championship Decks 2002

Collector's Highlights

We have gathered four of the best decks from the 2002 World Championships held in Sydney, Australia. Each of these decks were constructed by a Pro Tour player for the Standard Environment at the time (Invasion through Judgment). Each deck features a 60 card main deck, 15 card sideboard, and 12 proxy cards along with a decklist, and factsheet. These cards are gold bordered and feature the 2002 World Championship Deck backing.

Game Features

The Featured Players

The letter E!ver wonder how we make these?

From the minds of some of the best Magic players in the world come four of the best decks in the world: The 2002 World Championship decks.

Play with them. Learn from them. But be careful. Your game could improve so much that maybe next year, it’ll be your mind we’ll be tapping into.

The world's best players make the world's best decks.
Make a smart move. Check em' out.

Relive the entire 2002 World Championships by reading the Sideboard Online's event coverage.

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