Masters Edition IV

Collector's Highlights

Available only on Magic Online, Masters Edition IV features 269 cards with randomly inserted premium cards and goes on sale for a limited time beginning January 10, 2011. Each Masters Edition IV booster pack contains 15 randomly sorted cards (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 10 common, and 1 of the following lands: Urza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant, or Urza's Tower.) and is available for $3.99 USD in the Magic Online store.

Masters Edition IV includes 12 land, 80 common, 72 uncommon, 105 rare cards and is not redeemable.

The letter M!asters Edition IV is a Magic Online-exclusive set composed entirely of cards originally printed in previous Magic: The Gathering sets, including Antiquities, Arabian Nights, Ice Age, Legends, Limited (Alpha), Portal, Portal Second Age, The Dark, and more! All cards will appear with their original artwork and original-style card frames.

The set goes on sale in Magic Online beginning January 10 and will be available for a limited time.

Game Features

Masters Edition IV cards are legal in all Classic-based Constructed formats (unless otherwise noted in the format banned and restricted lists): Classic, Pauper, Singleton, Tribal Wars (Classic), Classic with Vanguard, Prismatic, and Freeform.

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