Mercadian Masques

Collector's Highlights

For the first time ever, the Mercadian Masques expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards and premium basic lands—now you can compete with an all-premium deck!

Game Features

When Mercenary and Rebel cards hit the table, you can search through your deck for others every turn. Can you say "uninvited guests"? And the new Spellshapers toss the four-card limit out the window—transform any card in your hand into the spell you need.

Also, check out our Game Features Guide for a description of game mechanics found in Mercadian Masques.

The letter T!he Magic: The Gathering®Mercadian MasquesTM expansion brings on Mercenary and Rebel cards that will redefine the horde; get one on the table, then root through your deck for others every turn.

Tired of that four-card limit? With the new Spellshapers you can turn any card in your hand into a timely spell like Unsummon or Stone Rain. It’s like topdecking the card you need, any time.

Featuring 350 all-new, black-bordered cards, the Mercadian Masques set is sold in four theme decks, 75 card tournament packs, and 15-card booster packs.

Mercadian Masques. Instant gratification.

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