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Get started with the deep-strategy Modern format in style! Draw on rare, high-powered Magic cards from past sets with this tightly constructed 60-card deck. Also includes a 15-card sideboard, strategy guide, Spindown life counter, 80 exclusive card sleeves, 5 double-sided tokens, and a deck box.

We are excited to introduce a new deck product to support the Modern format. This is meant to be in line with the Event Decks we have released for specific sets, except this is not set-specific and is for Modern, rather than for Standard.

Deck Design and Deck Development: Ben Hayes
Languages Available: English
Release Date: May 30, 2014
MSRP: $74.99

March of the Multitudes

Playing the Deck

Overrun your opponent with the "March of the Multitudes" deck! Disrupt your opponent's plans while casting a flurry of spells that put multiple creature tokens onto the battlefield. Boost all your creatures at the same time with enchantments and other spells, and charge forward to crush the opposition!

The primary strategy when playing this deck is to flood the board with creature tokens. Raise the Alarm, Spectral Procession, Lingering Souls, and Shrine of Loyal Legions are instrumental in executing this plan. Once you control a few creatures, your mass pump effects make them a formidable force. Honor of the Pure and Intangible Virtue each give a permanent bonus to most of your creatures. Zealous Persecution only gives a temporary bonus, but it can also be effective at removing your opponent's creatures, particularly if the opponent is playing a similar strategy to yours. Zealous Persecution is also quite effective as a combat trick—just be sure to account for both the +1/+1 bonus to your creatures and the -1/-1 decrement to your opponent's creatures.

March of the Multitudes

A number of your other cards are much more effective when you put multiple creatures onto the battlefield. For example, Windbrisk Heights gives you access to a free spell once you've attacked with three or more creatures, and Soul Warden and Vault of the Archangel give you increasingly large amounts of life. It is crucial for you to always have lots of creatures on the battlefield.

To ensure everything goes according to plan, this deck includes a number of spells that remove a card of your choice from the opponent's hand. Using cards such as Inquisition of Kozilek and Tidehollow Sculler, you can deprive your opponents of their strongest and most efficient resources. If your opponent has a card that can remove all your creatures at the same time, such as Supreme Verdict, you will often want to take that card with Tidehollow Sculler (or Duress, once you have access to your sideboard).

This deck also features some of the most powerful cards available in the Modern format. Path to Exile, Sword of Feast and Famine, and Elspeth, Knight-Errant all give you ways to completely take over the game. These cards provide a boost to many strategies and make great additions to any Modern collection.

The sideboard for this deck contains specialized cards that are stronger against certain opponents. Burrenton Forge- Tender slows down opponents with aggressive red decks. If your opponent is trying to assemble a combo without creatures, Duress gives you more discard to pick that player's hand apart. Ghost Quarter can help you fight the popular "Urzatron" strategies, which try to play a combination of specific lands to gain huge mana advantages. Kataki, War's Wage is excellent against artifact-heavy decks, particularly those featuring Cranial Plating—just remember to pay for your Shrine of Loyal Legions.

You can build upon the "March of the Multitudes" deck in a number of ways. Some of your Standard cards transition to the Modern format quite well. Thoughtseize, a powerful card from the Theros™ expansion, can augment your discard suite. The Gatecrash™ land Godless Shrine will strengthen your mana base. Note that Godless Shrine is both a Plains and a Swamp— this means that cards like Marsh Flats and Verdant Catacombs can search it up and effectively act as additional mana fixing, increasing your deck's consistency even more. With a format as large as Modern, the possibilities are endless!


Each Magic™ deck may have a sideboard—a group of extra cards that are particularly good against certain opponents. After you play a game against an opponent, you may make changes to your deck using cards from your sideboard. You must reset your deck to its original configuration before playing someone new. When you play a Constructed format, your sideboard consists of up to 15 cards. Your combined deck and sideboard can't have more than four copies of any card other than basic land cards. Your deck must still have at least 60 cards after sideboarding.

Honor of the Pure | Art by Greg Staples

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