Modern Masters

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  • 229 Reprint Cards for the Modern Format, many with new art
  • Cards are reprints from Eighth Edition through Alara Reborn
  • New never-before-printed tokens
  • 15-card booster packs; one premium per pack
  • Designed to be drafted
  • 24 packs per box
  • $6.99 MSRP
  • English only, global distribution
  • Conservative print run
  • Twitter hashtag: #mtgmm
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Modern Masters Articles

The Modern Masters set is a 229-card expansion that contains reprints of Modern-legal cards from Eighth Edition through Alara Reborn. The set will not be Standard legal and will be produced in very conservative quantities—this is a bit of an experiment for us, and we want to get it right; we will not be increasing the quantity of any card in circulation by more than a fraction of what is already out there.

Modern Masters Tarmogoyf

Modern Masters Tarmogoyf

Art by Jung Park

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