Collector's Highlights

Morningtide features 150 cards with randomly-inserted premium cards. It will be available in booster packs, preconstructed theme decks, and Fat Packs.


Lorwyn Cycle, Book 2

by Cory J. Herndon and Scott McGough

The only thing she's ever now the only thing she fears.

All her life Ashling has hunted her wild elemental, seeking a merging of beings and an awakening of power -- only to be forced into it years ahead of schedule. Now the elemental haunts her, turning her life into a nightmare. She knows it wants something. But can she figure out what before it's too late?


The letter C!onflict continues in the world of Lorwyn as mighty races find common ground – and power – by forming new tribes based on their classes. Wizards, Warriors, Shamans, Soldiers, and Rogues give a boost to their “classmates” from Lorwyn and bring a new tool for battle: Tribal Equipment. Whether you’re a fan of Elves, Giants, Goblins or Merfolk, on February 1st Morningtide will bring your tribe a whole new set of possibilities. Morningtide expands on the themes introduced in Lorwyn and unveils three brand-new mechanics: Kinship, Reinforce, and Prowl.

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