Ninth Edition

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Ninth Edition

Look for Core Set - Ninth Edition products at your local retailer or hobby store. If you are new to Magic, the new Core Game has everything you need to get started.

Rule Book PDF

Check your facts, answer questions or just use the glossary. This Rulebook will help you understand the game.

Online Manual PDF

Covers installation, setting up an account, learning to play online as well as play room info.

Help Files

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The letter F!eaturing cards selected by readers, the Core Set - Ninth Edition features possibly the best assortment of cards ever to appear in a Magic base set. And the rumors are true: Hypnotic Specter and Kird Ape are back!

There's a brand new Fat Pack with everything the experienced gamer needs to not just play, but enjoy the heck out of the game. And if you're new to the game, the Core Game will be right up your alley! It's packaged with a helpful cd-rom with detailed tutorials, or you can dive right in to the two decks. Don't forget to read through the helpful play guide first, though!

Ninth Edition is the latest in a long line of great base sets for Magic. If you don't get some, you'll be left behind!

Collector's Highlights

Ninth Edition features 350 cards including some of the greatest Magic cards of all time. And of course, the set also features randomly inserted premium black-bordered versions of all cards in the set.

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