Collector's Highlights

The Scourge expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 143 all-new, black-bordered card set.

Also, see the product summary for more info.

Game Features

Scourge introduces a new mechanic to the Onslaught block and expands the Morph and Cycling abilities with exciting new options.

  • Storm -- When you play a Storm spell, you copy it for each spell played before it that turn.
  • Landcycling -- Allows you to discard a card to search your deck and place a land card into your hand.


Onslaught Cycle, Book III

by J. Robert King

The battle rages on!

Amid the titanic clash between Phage and Akroma, all Dominaria shuddered. Now, out of the destruction and chaos a new force arises, and Kamahl must face his greatest foe: Karoma. Her arms spread to the very clouds, and her robes trail like rays of sunlight.

She is the destroyer.

She is the answer.

Download a sample chapter (zip)

Scourge Story Summary

The letter T!he Scourge of Otaria

Kamahl knows he has to act. The conflict between Phage and Akroma threatens to consume all of Otaria. All armies have converged and are ready for war. Breaking his deep meditation in the Krosan forest, Kamahl races to the scene of battle between his fallen sister and the arcane angel. Just as the two women are about to trade blows, Kamahl strikes, cutting both women with a single blow to end the feud, but ancient, unseen forces intervene and fuse the two women into an immensely powerful being: Karona.

She is an avatar of war – a reflection of the multitude’s fanatical desires. She is the ultimate abomination birthed by the warped power of the Mirari. Kamahl must find a way to destroy her, lest she bring total annihilation to each being, each race, everything.

That is why with every booster pack Scourge delivers huge power. As the conflict has grown to immense proportions, each card in the set has been designed with the theme that “this is the big one” so “size definitely matters”. Boasting some of the fattiest – drop’em and watch your opponent scoop – creatures ever featured in one set, Scourge reflects the enormity of the crisis by featuring Dragons (yes big, powerful, you better run…Dragons!) as the chief “tribe” of the set.

The Scourge set brings 143 new cards featuring such new mechanics as Storm (more power for the more spells you play on a turn) and Landcycling. Add the Warchiefs, a few creatures that Morph for free, and you’ve got yourself some deckbuilding to do. Oh, and did we mention the card you helped design is in the set too?

The Scourge is upon you
Time to make it big

Exclusive Scourge Desktop Images

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