Collector's Highlights

The Torment expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 143 all-new, black-bordered card set featuring 44 rares, 44 uncommons and 55 commons.

Game Features

Torment introduces two new mechanics and features additional cards for the Flashback and Threshold mechanics of Odyssey.

  • Madness -- Cards that when discarded can be replayed at a cheaper cost for their same effect.
  • Nightmares -- Cards that temporarily remove your opponent’s resources from the game when they come into play.



by Scott McGough

Book II of the Odyssey Cycle, Chainer's Torment offers you a glimpse at the Madness and Nightmares of one of the Cabal's greatest Dementia Summoners as the Legacy of the Mirari continues to unfold.

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Download a sample chapter (95k - pdf)

The letter N!ightmares

They twist and torture reality into the dark shape of horror. This is the dark, blackened reality of Torment.

Known during development as "the black set", the Torment expansion introduces new madness and nightmare mechanics, which are designed to drive your opponents insane

The cards in Torment center around the environment of the Cabal's Dementia Summoners, and specifically Chainer with his deadly nightmare horrors.

Wield such dark power as the Faceless Butcher and Sengir Vampire in this new 143 card set filled with more than its fair share of black cards.

Utter Madness? Yes we know.

 Mana : Deal With It

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