Collector's Highlights

The Unhinged expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 140 all-new, silver-bordered card set.

Game Features

Unhinged introduces two or three new abilities to Magic and brings more wackiness than a barrel full of something really wacky.

  • Gotcha -- Catch your opponent performing the right sort of annoying behavior, and these cards will come back from the dead to punish him.
  • Fractions -- Free yourself from the tyranny of whole numbers! Unhinged releases the power of math.
  • Asses -- I mean, um, "Donkeys". Sentient donkeys. Donkeyfolk. And they have their own city.


Tijuana Nights

by Maro

Will Bad Ass find his true love in this romantic thriller?

(Sorry, sample chapter not available)

The letter U!nhinged:

This time it's personal.

After ten years. Wait, make that thousands of years, the war between the donkeys and the monkeys has escalated to the point where, um, where parrots have turned carnviorous and pigs are forced to wear togas. You see, there's war and chaos and fighting. Lots of fighting. Let's see... oh, there's five factions that have evolved as the chaotic war wages on. We haven't been to this plane before and who knows when we're coming back, so I'm not sure what impact it has with the larger Magic story. I'm sure some object in the world is a piece of Karn somehow.

Who am I kidding? There's probably like five of you still reading. Look, I'll be honest with you. Unhinged has no story. There's no novel forthcoming. Nothing has any logic to it. There's no point to anything. It's just funny. It's unlike any Magic expansion you've ever played. Well, except Unglued. It's a lot like Unglued. But bigger. And weirder. And funnier.

It's got a keyword mechanic (named Gotcha if you have to know). It's got cool new basic lands. It has a whole bunch of donkeys and monkeys. It even has a set of parallel premium cards (what the world often calls "foils). It's good stuff. It just doesn't make any sense. None. Don't even try. I mean, don't try finding a story. Definitely try buying some packs.

That's all I got.

I'm done. Go.

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