Urza's Saga

Collector's Highlights

Urza's Saga contains 350 new cards for Magic: The Gathering and is the beginning of the Urza's Block of Expansions.

New Features

Learn the answers to your new rules questions in the Urza's Saga FAQ. (Updated March 2010)

Explore the new rules and card abilities appearing in Urza's Saga.

Story Line

Discover the secrets of Urza's return with the Urza's Saga Storybook.

The letter F!rom the perilous domains of Phyrexia and Shiv to the splendor of Serra's Realm, Argoth, and Tolaria, he travels the planes seeking weapons to destroy the dark forces that stalk him.

New magic discovered. New power revealed.

Urza's Saga has begun.

Urza's Legacy. The resistance is building.

Art Preview

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