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Released in June of 1997, Weatherlight was the eleventh Magic expansion, and is considered an expansion for Mirage. Containing 167 cards, Weatherlight also set the stage for the Rath Cycle storyline.

The letter F!our thousand years after Urza and Mishra reopened the portal to Phyrexia, the evil lord Yawgmoth sits poised to invade his one-time home-Dominaria. The plane's only hope for survival is a cache of powerful artifacts known collectively as the Legacy. When put together to assemble a powerful dooms-day weapon, these artifacts will have the potential to destroy the dark powers that will try to invade the planet. The focal point of this weapon is a flying ship called Weatherlight, and its intrepid crew searches the planes to find all of the pieces of the Legacy before the invasion commences. Only the reluctant leadership of Gerrard Capashen and the skills of Squee the cabin boy and Tahngarth the hulking minotaur will save the day. It doesn't help that captain Sisay has been kidnapped, and they have to travel to the plane of Rath to save her before they can complete their destiny. And Gerrard, of course, will have to live up to his own overwhelming responsibilities by facing his blood brother Vuel, who has changed his name to Volrath and sold out any semblance of goodness he had by becoming Yawgmoth's first in command.

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