Fifth Dawn

Collector's Highlights

The Fifth Dawn expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 165 all-new, black-bordered card set.

Game Features

Fifth Dawn introduces two new abilities to the Mirrodin block and adds more equipment that attaches at instant speed.

  • Sunburst -- An artifact with sunburst comes into play with counters on it based on the number of colors of mana you used to pay its cost. The more colors of mana you have in your deck, the better your sunburst cards become!
  • Scry -- Some Fifth Dawn instants and sorceries let you look at the top two cards of your library and then decide where you want to put them. You can put both cards on either the top or bottom of your library in any order, or you can put one card on the top and one on the bottom.


The Fifth Dawn

by Cory Herndon

In a world changed by the appearance of a new sun, the only ally Glissa knows she can depend on in the fight against Memnarch is the goblin, Slobad.

Download a sample chapter (201k - pdf)

The letter G!reen Sun Rising

Glissa, Bosh, and Slobad journey deep within Mirrodin's core to confront the insidious Memnarch. With them is the Kaldra avatar--an immensely powerful being of energy summoned when Kaldra's sword, shield, and helm were brought together. But what was supposed to be the world's salvation turns out to be a vile trick. With a single spell, Memnarch seizes the avatar and turns it on Glissa and her companions.

Kaldra's avatar relentlessly pursues Glissa into the Tangle, destroying everything in its way. Finally, at the Radix, Glissa's destiny becomes clear. As rage and despair overcome her, Glissa's body calls forth a great column of green mana from Mirrodin's core, annihilating the avatar in the process. Now that mana hangs overhead in a glowing sphere--the green sun at last, Mirrodin's fifth dawn.

The Fifth Dawn set takes Mirrodin block out with a bang. Bigger creatures, better effects, faster equipment, and more reasons to play all five colors. Throw in cards that combine in ways guaranteed to wreck your opponent and you get a set you have to play to believe.

It's time for a power surge.
Get ready for the Fifth Dawn!

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