Collector's Highlights

The Judgment expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 143 all-new, black-bordered card set featuring 44 rares, 44 uncommons and 55 commons.

Game Features

Judgment introduces a powerful new mechanic and new exciting creatures as well as an old friend.

  • Wishes -- Get any card you own from outside the game (sideboard in tournament play) of a particular type.
  • Incarnations -- Creatures that, when they are in your graveyard and you control a certain basic land, give your creatures special abilities.
  • Phantoms -- Spirit creatures that never take damage.
  • Erhnam Djinn -- He's back to dish out some pain.



by Will McDermott

The Mirari has bounced around from owner to owner, from zealous aven leaders to unstable dementia summoners. Now it has finally come into the hands of the man who’s been seeking it for the duration of two expansions: Kamahl. What he does with it is another question entirely.

Download a sample chapter (77k - pdf)

The letter I!n Judgment, The powerful forces of white and green ascend to counter the black dominance of the Torment expansion. The Mirari has changed hands and Kamahl, who has been instructed to talk to the Nantuko and learn the ways of the druids, now wields the vastly powerful artifact.

Judgment brings five powerful Wish cards that allow you to get any card you own and put it into your hand. A dream strategy. Combined with deadly Phantoms, Judgment sets right the color imbalance created by Torment.

Deep within the Krosan Forest, the final showdown for the Mirari will begin. Not everyone will emerge alive. No one will emerge unchanged.
The time of Judgment is here.
May your wishes come true.

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