Masters Edition

Collector's Highlights

Available only on Magic Online, Masters Edition features 195 cards with randomly-inserted premium cards. The cards are legal in the Classic format and any format that uses Classic to define card legality. It is available only in online booster packs and the cards are non-redeemable for physical product. The set includes 60 rares, 60 uncommons, 60 commons, and the 15 basic lands from Alpha/Beta.

Game Features

Masters Edition cards are legal in all Classic-based Constructed formats: Classic, Tribal Wars (Classic), Classic with Vanguard, Prismatic, Singleton, and Freeform.

The letter A!n exciting first for Wizards of the Coast, Masters Edition is a Magic Online-exclusive set composed entirely of cards originally printed before the Mirage set was released, all the way back to Alpha/Beta. Featuring many of the most popular cards from Magic's past, each will appear with their original artwork and original-style card frames.

Masters Edition booster packs were available only for a limited time. They are no longer for sale in the Magic Online store.

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