Collector's Highlights

The Onslaught expansion includes randomly inserted foil-finished premium cards in a limited, 350 all-new, black-bordered card set featuring 110 rares, 110 uncommons, 110 commons and 20 basic lands.

Game Features

Onslaught introduces a powerful new mechanic as well as some old favorites

Also, see the Onslaught mechanics summary for more info.

  • Morph -- Play a card face down as a 2/2 for 3 mana, then turn it face up at any time by paying the Morph cost and get an instantly bigger/better creature.
  • Tribal Cards -- Creature type matters now more than ever!
  • Fear -- A new keyword for an old ability.
  • Chain Spells -- Each time a Chain spell affects you or a permanent you control, you can "chain" it to someone or something else.
  • Cycling -- The Onslaught set revisits the cycling ability, an old favorite first printed in the Urza's Saga set.



by J. Robert King

The land is in upheaval.

The forest grows out of control. The mountains erupt. The seas boil. The swamps spew acid, and the plains turn to desert. Yet, amidst the turmoil there is civilization, brutal and unforgiving. Pit fighters battle to the death before tremendous crowds, making some rich, while others lose everything in one stroke of a sword.

The games must continue.

So must the struggle for survival.

Download a sample chapter (zip)

Onslaught Story Summary

The letter I!t's what's inside that counts

The Battle for the Mirari, a mysterious and powerful artifact, has ended. The mighty barbarian Kamahl has been embraced by the Krosan Forest and claims the Mirari in its name - but his trials aren't over yet. The Cabal still holds the continent of Otaria firmly in its merciless grip, and fearsome new threats have appeared along with a new enemy - Ixidor the master illusionist.

As you dig deep into the nature of Onslaught, you'll begin to comprehend how much "Creature Type" will name the battles to come. Throughout the land, Clerics, Soldiers, Birds, Wizards, Zombies, Goblins, Beasts, Elves, and Illusions begin to define the world of Magic like never before.

With 350 new cards, featuring an abundance of new concepts, the Onslaught expansion is the perfect entry into the Magic: The Gathering game. And the new Morph mechanic allows you to keep a poker face as your opponents lose their heads. That's because you play Morph cards face down. So they won't know what's lurking underneath, except that it's going to be one nasty shock.

You'll be surprised.
The Onslaught begins

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