Magic: The Gathering Rules

Magic 2014 Basic Rulebook

Basic Rulebook
For casual play and most ordinary situations, you’ll find what you need in the Magic: The Gathering basic rulebook.

Comprehensive Rules
DOCX PDF (Last updated June 1, 2014)
The "Comp. Rules" are the ultimate authority for the Magic game, but you won’t usually need to refer to them except in specific cases or during competitive games. They're not meant to be read from start to finish.

Gatherer is Wizards of the Coast's searchable database of Magic: The Gathering cards. It includes the authoritative Oracle wording for each card.

Magic Set FAQs
For each new Magic expansion, we provide a list of frequently asked questions that details new rules and specific card questions.

Constructed Formats and Banned/Restricted Lists
What cards are legal in every DCI-sanctioned format.

Planeswalker Rules
Rules for the new planeswalker card type.

DCI Floor Rules/Magic Tournament Rules
For a tournament player, the Comprehensive Rules are only half the story. The DCI floor rules and Magic tournament rules describe tournament formats, procedures, and penalty guidelines.

DCI Judge Certification
If you're a judge or would like to become one, this is the place to go.

Official Rules Forums

Rules FAQs and Articles (English Only)
Some friendly neighborhood DCI judges will be plucking questions from the Rules Q&A Forum and answering them here. This is a read-only board, if you have a question, post it to Rules Q&A!

Rules Q&A (English Only)
Pool your resources. Ask and answer other Magic fans' questions about card rules and rulings.

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