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Cloak & Dagger Art Gallery

Welcome to our art gallery of images from the Forgotten Realms supplement Cloak & Dagger. Each illustration appears along with a caption written exclusively for this online feature. In addition, on this page you'll find an illustration of "Lady Syleda Krimmevol," which was cut from the book and is available only to our online readers! Enjoy your browse through the gallery.

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Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsen in his "study" observing Teldorn Darkhope, Fzoul Chembryl, and Orlak II, The Night King of Westgate. (Note this illustration is merely representative, not literal. Khelben would love to be able to spy on these three like this, given the chance, but all three have certainly taken steps to prevent such observation.)

"Lady Syleda Krimmevol of Tethyr" and her sons before her disappearance.

(Web Exclusive)

Page 4: Khelben in profile. 8.jpg
Page 8: Khelben's "other" profile.
Page 12: The Tyrantflame and the Rise of the Chosen of Xvim 23.jpg
Page 23: Group symbols for the Moonstars, Zhentarim, and Harpers.
Page 32: The Scepter of the Tyrant's Eye. 36.jpg Page 36: Teldorn Darkhope, Knight Imperceptor of the Baneson (bearing the Mark of Xvim, "given" to him by Fzoul).
Page 38: Laeral and Kyriani witness the Manshoon Wars atop Piergeiron's Palace in Waterdeep. 46.jpg
Page 46: Group symbols of the Fire Knives, Night Masks, Eldreth Veluuthra, and the Flames of the Dark Sun.
Page 53: The Argraal of Orlak and the Flying Fangs of the Night King. 55.jpg
Page 55: The Court of the Night King (from left to right): Tebryn "Shadowstalker" Dalael, The Twilight Knight, Orlak II The Night King, Darklady Dahlia Vhammos, and Phultan Hammerwood.
Page 59: The Maguscepter of Myntharan. 65.jpg
Page 65: Group symbols for the Knights of the Shield, the Kraken Society, and the Harpers.
Page 69: Lord Inselm Hhune, First Lord of the Shield Council. 77.jpg
Page 77: The Shield of the Hidden Lord.
Page 89: Group symbols for House Dlardrageth, The Night Parade, and the Unseen. 91.jpg
Page 91: The Fey'ri of House Dlardrageth.
Page 96: A defiant end for a foe of the Kraken Society. 101.jpg
Page 101: Group symbols for the Shadow Thieves and the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.
Page 102: The Shade Council (from left to right): Kerinda Lynnrenno, Otelo "the Fat" Ressmon, Orniiv "the Eclipse" Fanderfall, Suldax Tampcoin, Rheax Bormul, and Rhinnom Dannihyr. 106.jpg
Page 106: Cloakmasters of the Shadow Thieves (from left to right): Wanderfoot, Blackmane, Armsmith, Baraizal, Windblossom, Rarkat, Chog, Saykatt, Marune, Biinazol, Chaks, and Tenosh.
Page 110: Agents of the Shadow Thieves (from left to right): Harlesk Knowin, Rekx Tihler, Sheffol, Renal, Oryal Forestal, Kueh-Ku, Chechu al Khish, Calimshan, and Doxon. 113.jpg
Page 113: Leaders of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm (from top down): Jalaunther Ithbreeiur, Keshna Finlothleer , Rikmo Naquander, and Roejan Benster.
Page 114: Agents of the Shadowmasters (from top down): Bilskromminet Yakanderosstenfal, Yastera Menano, and Shaloon Farain. 119.jpg
Page 119: Group symbols for the Iron Throne, the Rundeen, Aurora's Emporium, and the Men of the Basilisk.
Page 121: Leaders of the Iron Throne (from upper left): Krakosh, Ritchar "the Red Man", Maready, and Sfena. 123.jpg 123Page 123: Ranking Members of the Iron Throne (from upper left): Skitt, Seecher, and Hogley.
Page 124: Agents of the Iron Throne (from upper left): Thond of Wyvernwater, Bosson Ketanya, and Posetarik Woodlock. 126.jpg
Page 126: Leaders of the Rundeen (from top down): Zuras el Ireen, Rafi al Shuree, and Saibhon el Bhiras.
Page 129: Ranking Members of the Rundeen: Husuf yn Harun el Halid (uppermost), Jafar el Uabar (lower left), and Daudon yn Saibh el Yakan (lower right). 131.jpg
Page 131: Managers of the Rundeen (from upper left): Kalil yi Tulmon, Nurih yr Catahra al Suhal, Sarsor yi Tashluta, and Bollus of Calimport.
Page 133: Aurora's Emporium (from left): Aurora, Jhegaan, and Thane. 134.jpg
Page 134: Flamestalking: Cyric's assassins claim another life.
Page 138: Group symbols for The Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, the Agents of the Eye, and the Iron Ring. 142.jpg
Page 142: Agents of the Xanathar's Thieves Guild (from top down): Rhetsim, Nool, and Alek Lenter.
Page 144: The Xanathar's Thieves Guild (from left): Avaereene, Colstan Rhuul, Shindia Darkeyes, Slink Monteskor, the Xanathar, Randulaith , Ott Steeltoes, and Slan Thurbel. 146.jpg
Page 146: A leader of Iron Ring: Transtra and her behir, Ulisss.
Page 148: More leaders of the Iron Ring (from left): Zstulkk Ssarmn, Quinan Vaernad, and Ahmaergo the Horned Dwarf. 155.jpg
Page 155: The Quelzarn: Westgate's Seafood Sampler.
Art by Ned Dameron and David A. Roach
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