Art Gallery 09/08/2001

Manual of the Planes

The new Manual of the Planes is here, and it's full of gorgeous art, fascinating planar diagrams, outsider creatures both friendly and foul, and explanations of all things extraplanar. Check out this new gallery of art drawn from the book., and if you haven't bought the book yet, what's keeping you? Where else can you find out both how to build your own cosmology and what the standard D&D cosmology is? Or what a transitive plane is? Or finally get the statistics to fight an astral dreadnought? (You remember -- like the one that appeared on the cover of the original 1st edition AD&DManual of the Planes!)

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Divine_Agent.jpg Gatecrasher.jpg Planar_Champion.jpg Planeshifter.jpg Looking_at_Astral_Form.jpg
A divine agent - Illustrated by M. Moore A gatecrasher - Illustrated by W. Reynolds A planar champion- Illustrated by M. Cavotta A planeshifter - Illustrated by A. Swekel A divine agent looks at her astral form - Illustrated by M. Moore
Dimensional_Sextant_in_Use.jpg Githzerai_vs_Death_Slaad.jpg Fortress_of_Indifference.jpg Crawling_City.jpg Thuldanin.jpg
Web Bonus Illustration: A planeshifter uses his dimensional sextant - Illustrated by M. Cavotta A githzerai confronts a death slaad in Limbo - Illustrated by W. Reynolds The Fortress of Indifference in the Abyss - Illustrated by W. Reynolds The Crawling City of Gehenna - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Thuldanin, second layer of Acheron - Illustrated by W. Reynolds
Cogs_of_Mechanus.jpg Dis.jpg Lunia.jpg Armanite_Goristo_Uridezu.jpg Astral_Dreadnought.jpg
The cogs of Mechanus - Illustrated by M. Cavotta Dis, second layer of the Nine Hells - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Lunia, first layer of Celestia - Illustrated by M. Cavotta Three demons, an armanite (left), a goristo (back), and an uridezu (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Astral dreadnought - Illustrated by M. Cavotta
Axiomatic_Bulette.jpg Bariaur.jpg Celestials_Firre_Leonal.jpg Devils_Narzugon_Spinagon.jpg Dusk_Beast.jpg
Axiomatic bulette - Illustrated by M. Cavotta Bariaur - Illustrated by D. Riche Two celestials, a firre (back) and a leonal (front) - Illustrated by M. Cavotta Two devils, a narzugon (left) and a spinagon (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Dusk beast - Illustrated by M. Cavotta
Far_Realm_Entity.jpg Githyanki_Githzerai.jpg Inevitables.jpg Marid_Dao.jpg Mercane.jpg
A Far Realm entity and pseudonatural creatures - Illustrated by W. Reynolds A githyanki (left) and a githzerai (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Three inevitables, a zelekhut (left), a kolyarut (middle), and a marut (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Genies, a marid (back) and a dao (front) - Illustrated by M. Cavotta Mercane - Illustrated by D. Riche
Ogre_Petitioner.jpg Paraelementals.jpg Paraelementals2.jpg Umbral_Banyan.jpg Wood_Element_Leopard.jpg
An unknown planar creature - Illustrated by D. Roach Two paraelementals, a magma paraelemental (left) and an ice paraelemental (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Two paraelementals, a smoke paraelemental (top) and an ooze paraelemental (bottom) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Umbral banyan - Illustrated by M. Cavotta Wood element leopard - Illustrated by D. Roach
Xag-ya_Xeg-yi.jpg Yugoloths.jpg Yugoloths2.jpg
Energons, a xag-ya (bottom) and a xeg-yi (top) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Two yogoloths, a canoloth (left) and an ultroloth (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds Two yogoloths, a nycaloth (left) and a mezzoloth (right) - Illustrated by W. Reynolds

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