Art Gallery 10/12/2001

Oriental Adventures

Oriental Adventures -- Asian magic, combat, mystery, and monsters, all with a D&D twist. It's a beautiful book that takes its graphic inspiration from the texture of handmade papers and the grace of calligraphy mixed with the kickin' edge of the new D&D style. Check out this new gallery of art drawn from the book, and if you haven't bought it yet, what's keeping you? All the great classes and races from the original 1st edition AD&D are back and much, much more. And there are more weird, wonderful, mysterious Asian-inspired monsters than ever before -- from all the varieties of lung dragon, to the grisly mamono (wouldn't want to shake hands with one of those), to the classic hopping vampire (check him out in the Oriental Adventures excerpt). Get yourself warmed up with Chinese Ghost Story and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and then join the rest of your gaming group as they crack open their copies of the book and dive in for some serious Asian fantasy roleplaying.

Characters and Combat

Bear_warrior_Blade_dancer.jpg Foot_and_fist.jpg Iaijutsu_focus.jpg Ninja_spy_Shadow_scout.jpg OA_races.jpg
Bear warrior (bottom) and blade dancer (top) Foot and fist mastery Iaijutsu focus Ninja spy (top) and shadow scout (bottom) Races of Oriental Adventures
Prestige_classes1.jpg Prestige_classes2.jpg Prone_attack.jpg Samurai.jpg Shaman.jpg
Left to right: Henshin mystic, Shintao monk, tattooed monk Left to right: Weapon master, witch hunter, yakuza Prone attack Samurai Shaman
Shapeshifter_Singh_rager.jpg Shugenja.jpg Sohei.jpg Sorcerer.jpg Void_disciple.jpg
Shapeshifter (left) and Singh ranger (right) Shugenja Sohei Sorcerer Void disciple
Wu jen

Equipment and Magic

Ashigaru_armor.jpg Bone_armor.jpg Brigandine.jpg Chahar-aina.jpg Cord_armor.jpg
Ashigaru armor Bone armor Brigandine Chahar-aina Cord armor
Dastana.jpg Dhenuka.jpg Fire_wings.jpg Great_armor.jpg Kappa_shell.jpg
Dastana Dhenuka Fire wings Great armor Kappa shell
Lamellar.jpg Leather_scale.jpg Mempo_of_pure_thought.jpg Partial_armor.jpg Snake_darts.jpg
Lamellar Leather scale Mempo of pure thought Partial armor Snake darts
Spirit_sword.jpg Tessen.jpg
Spirit sword Tessen
Weapons1.jpg Weapons (top to bottom, then left to right): Row 1: chain, shikomi-zue; row 2: sasumata; row 3: lajatang; row 4: chakram, fukimi-bari, korobokuru lajatang; row 5: blowgun, kusari-gama; row 6: greater blowgun; row 7: three-section staff; row 8: sodegarami; row 9: sang kauw; row 10: chijiriki
Weapons2.jpg Weapons (top to bottom, then left to right): Row 1: wakizashi, ratling tail spikes, butterfly sword; row 2: nagamaki; row 3: katana, ninja-to; row 4: tonfa, goad; row 5: nekode, sai,war fan; row 6: jitte, kawanaga; row 7: kau sin ke; row 8: naginata


Bajang.jpg Bakemono.jpg Bisan.jpg Bog_hag.jpg Doc_cuoc.jpg
Bajang Bakemono Bisan Bog hag Doc cu'o'c
Dokufu.jpg Fire_toad.jpg Hannya.jpg Hebi-no-onna.jpg Hopping_vampire.jpg
Dokufu Fire toad Hannya Hebi-no-onna

Hopping vampire

Jiki-ketsu-gaki.jpg Kappa.jpg Ki-rin.jpg Lung_dragons1.jpg Lung_dragons2.jpg
Jiki-ketsu-gaki Kappa Ki-rin Lung dragons (left to right): Tu lung, chiang lung, li lung, lung wang

Lung dragons: Pan lung (top), shen lung, ti'ien lung, tun mi lung (left to right)

Mamono.jpg Nats.jpg Oni.jpg Onikage.jpg Pennaggolan.jpg
Mamono Nats: Lu nat (top), hkum yeng nat (left), einsung nat (right) Oni: Me-zu oni (top), common oni (left), go-zu oni (right) Onikage Pennaggolan
Rokuro-kubi.jpg Shadowlands_oni.jpg Shinomen_naga.jpg Shirokinukatsukami.jpg Spirit_centipede.jpg
Rokuro-kubi Shadowlands oni: Akuma no oni (back), kyoso no oni (right), skikibu no oni (front) Shinomen naga Shirokinukatsukami

Spirit centipede

Tako.jpg Tasloi.jpg Tengu.jpg Tigbanua_buso.jpg Tsuno.jpg
Tako Tasloi Tengu Tigbanua buso


Wang-liang.jpg Yeti.jpg Yuki-on-na.jpg
Wang-liang Yeti Yuki-on-na


Akutsukai.jpg Bayushi_deceiver.jpg Cloud_of_taint.jpg Crab_Clan.jpg Crane_Clan.jpg
Akutsukai Bayushi deceiver Cloud of taint Crab Clan Crane Clan
Dragon_Clan.jpg Lion_Clan.jpg Mantis_Clan.jpg Mantis_mercenary.jpg Phoenix_Clan.jpg
Dragon Clan Lion Clan Mantis Clan Mantis mercenary

Phoenix Clan

Scorpion_Clan.jpg Shadowlands.jpg The_Battle_of_Stolen_Graves.jpg Unicorn_Clan.jpg
Scorpion Clan Shadowlands The Battle of Stolen Graves Unicorn Clan
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