Art Gallery 03/21/2007

Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave

Some people seek to work against Mystra, and it will take a group of adventurers to put a stop to their vile plans. Since several locations are involved, you'll find plenty of maps in the adventure. See them in our online map gallery for Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave.

A special thanks goes to Robert Lazzaretti, the cartographer for this project.

Click the link below to view the illustrations.

103459.jpg 103409.jpg 103413.jpg 103414.jpg
103415.jpg 103416.jpg 103417.jpg 103418.jpg
103419.jpg 103426.jpg 103427.jpg 103430.jpg
103431.jpg 103432.jpg 103456.jpg 103455.jpg
103454.jpg 103457.jpg 103445.jpg 103446.jpg
103447.jpg 103448.jpg 103449.jpg 103450.jpg
103451.jpg 103452.jpg 103453.jpg

103405.jpg 103439.jpg 103434.jpg 103433.jpg
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