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Athor, Verdant Reaver Scout Download This Article 08/06/2007

Imbrudar Download This Article 08/03/2007

Drossang Tachlash Download This Article 06/22/2007

Drashan Daverund Download This Article 05/25/2007

Handmaidens of Lolth Download This Article 04/27/2007

The Vampire Werewolf Download This Article 03/23/2007

Famous Scoundrels Download This Article 02/16/2007

Kulimvorith, Ancient Blue Dragon Download This Article 01/26/2007

Kigaugh, Narzugon Death Rider Download This Article 12/22/2006

Gihzt, Hornhead Saurial Enlightened Fist Download This Article 12/08/2006

Quarrian, Choker Warlock Download This Article 11/10/2006

Reptilian Tool of Tiamat Download This Article 10/13/2006

Jial, Seawolf Cutthroat Download This Article 09/29/2006

Ranserwarenthmos Download This Article 09/08/2006

Mavarothix, Gargantuan Black Dragon Download This Article 08/11/2006

Ver'Shan, Ambush Drake Scout Download This Article 07/28/2006

Skiurid Ninja Download This Article 07/21/2006

Beshappal, the Vrock Berserker Download This Article 07/07/2006

Kherakus, Dracotaur Mystic Download This Article 06/16/2006

Aleam Valassar, Paladin Assassin Download This Article 06/09/2006

Glythanna, the High Elf Drider Download This Article 05/15/2006

Voidmind Rot Reaver Download This Article 03/17/2006

Taibo, the Ethereal Filcher Monk Download This Article 02/24/2006

Meepo the Kobold Dragon-Keeper Download This Article 01/20/2006

Chuladoal Download This Article 12/09/2005

The Marilith Dervish Download This Article 09/21/2005

The Succubus Paladin Download This Article 08/24/2005

Chonde Boggle Rogue/Ninja 12/07/2002

Klkkikk't't Shade Sahuagin Rogue/Ranger 11/08/2002

Histephet Mummy Cleric/Monk 10/12/2002

Illiarnatha Drider Fighter 09/13/2002

Mugandu, Yak Folk Wizard/Rogue/Mindbender 08/21/2002

Fleshcutter, Half-fiend Gargoyle Barbarian 07/12/2002

Undurr Stoneskin Half-elemental (earth) Elder Stone Giant Earth Elemental Savant 06/09/2002

Junparrt Hobgoblin Weretiger Rogue/Druid 05/18/2002

Mornet Meazel Ranger/Druid/King of the Marsh 04/20/2002

Vinnamar Half-Dragon (Green) Half-Dragonkin Dracolich Cleric of Tiamat 03/01/2002

Claravda Half-fiend Draegloth Wizard/Cleric of Velsharoon/True Necromancer 02/22/2002

Alistrianna Malaugrym Duelist 01/06/2002

Ethererim Mind Flayer Monk 12/08/2001

Galaisha Fiendish Medusa Shadowdancer/Blackguard Vampire 11/24/2001

Yoshi Hokoro Ogre Mage Barbarian/Fighter/Master Samurai 10/13/2001

Kiith: Night Hag Ranger/Rogue 09/30/2001

Sowelleile: Lamia Wizard (Acolyte of the Skin) 08/11/2001

Kitzukhan: Thri-Kreen Monk 08/03/2001

Jurnng: Troll Ranger 07/29/2001

Kissilsth: Yuan-ti Halfblood Cleric of Merrshaulk 06/22/2001

Likkisth: Xill Monk 05/25/2001

Lojark: Fiendish Half-Dragon/Half-Kobold Ranger/Sorcerer 04/27/2001

Gorg: Ettin Barbarian/Sorcerer 02/23/2001

Marlissa: Succubus Bard 03/16/2001

Muukk': Green Hag/Rogue/Assassin/Sorcerer 01/26/2001

The Arena 01/02/2000

Murrnn: Female Half-Dragon (black)/Half-Minotaur 01/01/2000

Sileeshen: Lizardfolk Male Fighter/Druid 01/01/2000

Ginlimj: Goblin Vampire 01/01/2000

Kalaboah: Half-fiend/Half-ogre Blackguard 01/01/2000

Ryershil: Tiefling Shadowdancer 01/01/2000

Collissine: Centaur Ranged Fire Specialist 01/01/2000

Kum’hokh: Bugbear (Wereboar) Sorcerer/Priest of Hruggek 12/29/2000
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Welcome to D&D Fight Club!, the column that provides complex opponents -- or occasionally allies -- at various challenge ratings. All you have to do is choose the right CR and drop it into your game.

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