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Monstrous Characters 01/16/2007

Faiths of Eberron 09/25/2006

Races of Eberron 04/20/2005

Humorous PC Portraits 04/01/2004

Rogue Adventurers 02/18/2003

Knight Adventurers 01/21/2003

Science-Fiction Adventurers 12/24/2002

Halfbreeds 11/26/2002

Dragonslayers 10/29/2002

Dwarven Adventurers 10/01/2002

Gnome and Halfling Adventurers 09/03/2002

Cleric and Druid Adventurers 08/06/2002

Dark Heroes 07/09/2002

Savage Heroes 06/11/2002

Asian Adventurers 05/14/2002

Undead or Fiendish Characters 04/16/2002

Uncharismatic PCs 03/19/2002

Eclectic PCs 02/19/2002

Halflings 01/22/2002

Shapechangers 12/25/2001

Half-dragons 12/18/2001

Clerics 11/20/2001

Hapless Characters 10/23/2001

Psionicists 09/25/2001

Sorcerers 08/28/2001

Drow 08/04/2001

NPCs 08/02/2001

Elven Heroes 07/31/2001

Dwarves 06/26/2001

Steampunk and Improbable Heroes 05/29/2001

Dark Heroes 04/24/2001

Fighters 04/03/2001

Unlikely PCs 04/03/2001

Swashbucklers 04/03/2001

Dragonriders 04/03/2001

Investigators 04/03/2001

High-Level Heroes 04/03/2001

Druids and Rangers 04/03/2001
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A collection of portraits that you can use to visualize and represent your character. They are drawn from the PC Portraits feature of old issues of Dragon Magazine.

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