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Complete Champion 05/14/2007

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits 04/17/2007

Magic Item Compendium, Preview 4 03/06/2007

Dungeonscape 03/05/2007

Magic Item Compendium, Preview 3 02/23/2007

Magic Item Compendium, Preview 2 02/16/2007

Magic Item Compendium, Preview 1 02/09/2007

Complete Scoundrel 01/10/2007

Fiendish Codex II 12/04/2006

Cityscape 11/10/2006

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft 10/06/2006

Complete Mage 10/05/2006

Fiendish Codex 1: Hordes of the Abyss 06/12/2006

Complete Psionic 04/03/2006

Power of Faerun 03/07/2006

Tome of Magic 03/06/2006

Red Hand of Doom 02/10/2006

Races of the Dragon 01/11/2006

Champions of Valor 11/18/2005

Heroes of Horror 10/10/2005

Magic of Incarnum 09/09/2005

Stormwrack 08/05/2005

Weapons of Legacy 07/01/2005

Dungeon Master's Guide II 06/06/2005

Heroes of Battle 05/10/2005

Lords of Madness 04/08/2005

Sandstorm 03/18/2005

Complete Adventurer 01/07/2005

Races of Destiny 12/02/2004

Complete Arcane 11/05/2004

Sharn: City of Towers 11/05/2004

Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead 10/01/2004

Monster Manual III 09/03/2004

Races of Stone 08/06/2004

Planar Handbook 07/02/2004

Giants of Legend 06/24/2004

Eberron Campaign Setting 06/04/2004

Complete Divine 05/01/2004

Races of the Wild 02/04/2005

Expanded Psionics Handbook 04/09/2004

Player's Guide to Faerûn 03/05/2004

Unearthed Arcana 02/07/2004

Complete Warrior 12/05/2003

Draconomicon 11/07/2003

Underdark 10/24/2003

D&D Miniatures Handbook 09/13/2003

Dragonlance Campaign Setting 08/02/2003

Ghostwalk 06/01/2003

D&D 3.5 07/04/2003

Unapproachable East 05/02/2003

Fiend Folio 04/04/2003

Races of Faerûn 03/07/2003

Savage Species 02/01/2003

Book of Vile Darkness 01/04/2003

City of the Spider Queen 09/06/2002

Monster Manual II 08/09/2002

Epic Level Handbook 07/12/2002

Book of Challenges 06/07/2002

Faiths and Pantheons 05/10/2002

Deities and Demigods 04/07/2002

Bastion of Broken Souls 03/02/2002

Masters of the Wild 02/08/2002
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See what the designers, developers, and editors of the game have to say about the products they've created in these interviews. What do they think are the cool things about this month's products? Find out here.

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