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Aleithian Dwarves 09/26/2003

All Good Things . . . 10/29/2004

Alter Your Basic Psionic Combat 02/07/2003

Arch Psion (Prestige Class) 11/22/2002

Arctic Cat 09/27/2002

Argent Spider 07/25/2003

Astral Phenomena 01/27/2002

Astral Taskers 07/27/2002

Ballisteer (Prestige Class) 04/26/2003

Blithen of Many Names 01/23/2004

Cerebral Assassin (Prestige Class) 02/07/2003

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind 06/23/2002

Chosen of Sardior (Prestige Class) 09/26/2003

Construct Feats and Items 07/27/2002

Crystal Gargoyle 10/25/2002

Crystal Sunflower Download This Article 05/21/2004

Damage Control 05/25/2002

Deathweed 05/23/2003

Devil Sail (Sea Nettle) 05/23/2003

Diamond Warrior (Prestige Class) 09/27/2002

Dishing It Out 11/22/2002

Draconum Psionicus 01/23/2004

Ecto Fragments 07/25/2003

Ectoplasm Elemental 07/25/2003

Ectoplasmic Ooze 12/27/2002

Energon (Xag-Az) 11/22/2002

Euralden Eye Download This Article 05/18/2007

Even More Expanded Prestige Classes 08/27/2004

Expand Your Mind 04/26/2002

Expanded Classes, Part Four Download This Article 06/29/2007

Expanded Classes, Part One Download This Article 02/14/2007

Expanded Classes, Part Three Download This Article 04/11/2007

Expanded Classes, Part Two Download This Article 03/14/2007

Expanded Prestige Classes 06/25/2004

Followers in the Church of Sardior Download This Article 03/27/2004

Four New Psionic Feats 02/08/2002

Four New Psionic Monsters Download This Article 07/11/2007

Fulminating Crab (Zap Crab) 05/23/2003

Gajusian (Sonic) Crawler 08/29/2003

Getting Wired 12/25/2003

Hamaguan 05/23/2003

Hammerfish 05/23/2003

Heroes of Horror, Part 1 Download This Article 11/25/2005

Heroes of Horror, Part 2 Download This Article 11/30/2005

I Have Seen the Future 10/24/2003

Ironglass Rose Download This Article 05/21/2004

Living Ferroplasm 07/25/2003

Lizardfolk, Quanak 12/27/2002

Master More Powers of the Mind 09/28/2001

Mind Drake 01/23/2004

More Psionic Monster Mayhem Download This Article 05/21/2004

New Energy Powers and More! 03/28/2003

New Feats and Powers for the Psychic Warrior 09/27/2002

New Psionic Toys for the Holidays 12/25/2002

New Psychic Warrior Feats, Powers,
and Ranged Weapon Enhancements

New Talents, Feats, and More 12/20/2002

Not Quite 101 Uses for a Crysmal 11/29/2001

Obsidian Dragon 01/24/2003

On the Road Again 11/28/2003

Onyx Worm 08/08/2002

Out with the Old, in with the New 04/17/2004

Planar Vanguard (Prestige Class) 12/19/2003

Psi-Guardian 08/23/2002

Psionic Monster Mayhem 05/23/2003

Psionic Potpourri 08/29/2003

Psionics of Incarnum Download This Article 02/17/2006

Psychic Theurge (Prestige Class) Download This Article 09/25/2004

Psychic Weapon Master (Prestige Class) 09/27/2002

Sand Drummer 11/28/2003

Sardior's Knowledge 09/26/2003

Shadow Mind (Prestige Class) 10/25/2002

Sheengrass Swarm Download This Article 05/21/2004

Sixteen New Psychoportation Powers 12/19/2003

Skum Renegade 05/23/2003

Spine Springer Download This Article 05/21/2004

Stealthy Classes, Powers, and Feats 07/23/2004

Subpsionics 10/25/2002

The Battle of the Mind (Three New Feats and a Psionic Item) 04/26/2002

The Body Leech (Prestige Class) Download This Article 09/25/2004

The Church of Sardior Download This Article 02/27/2004

The Constructor (Prestige Class) 07/27/2002

The Crystal Master (Prestige Class) 08/23/2002

The Crystalsinger 11/23/2001

The Demiplane of Ectoplasm 07/25/2003

The Drilbu (Psionic Item) 11/23/2001

The Kineticist (Prestige Class) 03/28/2003

The Legend of Sardior 01/24/2003

The Meditant (Prestige Class) 06/23/2002

The Percipient (Prestige Class) 10/24/2003

The Pet Rock 03/22/2002

The Ruby Disciple (Prestige Class) 01/24/2003

The Sangehirn (Prestiege Class) 05/25/2002

The Splintered Mind 06/23/2002

Thirteen New Slightly Evil Powers and More… 06/28/2003

Three Psionic Vestiges Download This Article 01/19/2007

Two New Feats 10/26/2001

Warp Drifter Download This Article 05/21/2004

Weapons of Legacy, Part 1 Download This Article 08/30/2005

Weapons of Legacy, Part 2 Download This Article 09/30/2005
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In this series of articles we'll choose a recent D&D sourcebook and bring you a look at what psionic material you can find in that book as well as provide you with tips on how to integrate that material into your campaign.

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All MInd's Eye material released 4/2/2004 or later
is compatible with the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

Psionic Bestiary

Aleithian Dwarves

Arctic Cat

Argent Spiders

Blithen (Unique Dragon)

Crystal Gargoyle

Crystal Sunflower


Devil Sail (Sea Nettle)

Dragon Newt


Ecto Fragments

Ectoplasm Elementals

Ectoplasmic Dragon

Ectoplasmic Ooze

Euralden Eye

Fulminating Crab (Zap Crabs)

Gajusian (Sonic) Crawler

Gruesome Lurker



Ironglass Rose

Living Ferroplasm

Lizardfolk, Quanak

Mind Drake

Obsidian Dragon

Onyx Worm


Sand Drummer

Sardorian Golem

Sheengrass Swarm

Skum Renegade

Spine Springer


Tether Hound

Titan Salamander


Warp Drifter

Psionic Prestige Classes

Arch Psion


Cerebral Assassin

Chosen of Sardior


Constructor (revised)

Crystal Master

Crystal Master (revised)


Diamond Warrior

Dragon Defender (Dragon PrC)

Dread Champion

Grim Psion



Meditant (revised)



Planar Vanguard

Psionic Dragon Comrade

Psychic Assassin (v.3.5)

Psychic Theurge (v.3.5)

Psychic Weapon Master

Psychic Weapon Master (revised)

Ruby Disciple


Sangehirn (revised)

Shadow Mind

The Body Leech (v.3.5)

Variant Pyrokineticist (revised)
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