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Talrijik, Mind Killer of the Scars

Talrijik, the Slave

Talrijik began life under the worst possible circumstances: as a slave. His owners were humans who lived in the strife-filled city of Pal Ador. Although technically illegal, the slave trade was such that most of the inhabitants of Pal Ador turned a blind eye toward this lucrative business. Talrijik's owners were very abusive, and he almost completely gave up hope of survival. However, over time, Talrijik discovered that he possessed some form of power that let him create things with his mind. He kept his power secret from his owners and honed it during the little free time that he was allotted each day.

One day, during a particularly brutal beating session by his masters, Talrijik snapped and "summoned" a creature of some sort with his mind. The creature went on a rampage, driven by Talrijik's anger, and killed his owners. Covered in the blood of his previous masters, he panicked and made his escape into the squalid streets of Pal Ador.

Talrijik, the Wanted

Over time, Talrijik began to hone his talents to a remarkable degree. He found that he was different, mainly because his psionic powers set him apart from the sorcerers, wizards, and clerics of Pal Ador. They found his abilities difficult to fathom, and, as a result, shunned him. Not being a stranger to this sort of attitude, Talrijik took it in stride and began making a name for himself as a thug, thief, and "muscle" for hire.

The past finally caught up with him, however, when bounty hunters began asking questions about him among the various riff-raff in town. Family members of Talrijik's former masters had hired the bounty hunters to bring him back dead or alive. His hunters found Talrijik on the bustling streets. Using the crowd as cover, Talrijik made his way into the hippodrome, where a huge chariot race was taking place. He evaded the bounty hunters for a short time, until they cornered him in the stables. A tremendous battle took place, with Talrijik emerging the winner after he released the stabled horses, who then trampled the bounty hunters to death. In the confusion and chaos, Talrijik slipped back out into the streets, where a mysterious figure approached him.

Exhausted from his previous encounter, Talrijik could do little to defend himself. Fortunately, the person did not want to kill him . . . he wanted to offer him a job. The person, who introduced himself as Mezriss, wanted Talrijik to become a member of the Scars, a group of assassins composed entirely of half-elves. Seeing no other choice, Talrijik accepted.

Talrijik, the Mind Killer

Talrijik took to the life of being a hired killer with relish. His powers increased, and he found that his psionic abilities were a complete surprise to the sorcerers and wizards that he specialized in eliminating. Talrijik delighted in the power he felt and in seeing those who relied on magic get defeated through the awesome might of the mind.

Like the rest of the Scars, Talrijik was finally brought down through the actions of the dwarf detective, Jesrug. He was slain in the epic battle alongside the wharf in Pal Ador, when dozens of heavily armed and armored troops rushed the psion. He did not go out easily, however. He summoned a ferocious storm of psychic power that killed over twenty men.

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