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Lorveck, the Canomorph Rogue

Lorveck the Vorr: A vorr (see Fiend Folio, page 186) is not a particularly powerful creature. Many denizens of the Abyss are far stronger than a vorr and possess abilities that outstrip those of these fiendish hounds. But what a vorr lacks in raw power it makes up for with cruelty and cunning. A pack of vorrs will track their quarry for days, studying the habits and weaknesses of their prey. In combat they are ruthless, and they strike with deadly accuracy when their foes least expect it.

Lorveck began his life as one of these creatures. But he was stronger and smarter than his brothers and had ambitions that would carry him far beyond his humble beginnings.

Lorveck the Rogue: Some exceptional vorrs gain the ability to assume human form. These creatures, known as vultivors, frequently serve powerful demon lords as trackers, guards, and assassins. Their affinity for shadows combined with their inhuman patience and diabolical grace make them ideally suited to missions of the utmost delicacy.

Lorveck became one of these exceptional creatures, and he immediately set about building his reputation as a careful and methodical killer. Instead of attaching himself to a particular demon lord, however, Lorveck established himself as a freelance talent who was available to anyone who could pay his fee. At first, he contracted for small missions with petty Abyssal barons. Soon, however, Lorveck's fame began to spread.

Lorveck the Skilled: Lorveck's reputation spread, and soon clients came from across the planes to contract his services. Despite his chaotic nature, those who engaged his services could always count on Lorveck for discretion and professionalism. Lorveck was never known to fail and, more importantly, none of his jobs could ever be traced back to his client.

Lorveck maintained his steady string of successes primarily by refusing to accept jobs that might lead to failure. He maintained the confidentiality of his clients by ensuring that anyone who showed too much of an interest in his work met with a violent, but quiet end. Those interested in using the vultivor's talents, of course, were not too concerned with his methodologies. The unscrupulous souls who needed to make use of Lorveck's abilities were concerned primarily with results, by whatever means necessary.

In time, the most powerful lords of the Abyss began to take note of Lorveck's machinations. Many of them objected to the fact that Lorveck was out of their direct control and had not even offered them a cut of his profits. Some powerful lords were so offended that they even began to make plans to stop this upstart vultivor.

Lorveck the Hated: Lorveck, however, always stayed one step ahead of his detractors. Several would-be assassins turned up dead. Others discovered that Lorveck was nearly impossible to locate -- unless, that is, he wanted to be found.

In time, the demon lords of the Abyss reached an uneasy truce with Lorveck. Many of them grew tired of wasting their resources on the fruitless pursuit of the vultivor, while others realized that they, too, needed to contract the fiendish rogue's services. Lorveck was left to practice his craft and continues to amass a fortune as one of the Abyss' most successful killers and thief for hire.

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