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Din'elen Tiriandara, Justiciar

Din'elen Tiriandara, Young Thinker: Soft light and tinkling silver bells greeted the infant Din'elen upon birth, and even as he entered into this world, his mother departed since the delivery had been too much for her frail form to bear. Her last act was to name her newborn child Din'elen, which meant Silent Star in Elven. Little did she know how appropriate the name would be, for even at birth, Din'elen gazed upon the world around him stoically and silently. Raised communally by the elders of his small woodland village, Din'elen spent his first fifty years exploring the world around him, and while his peers played, sang, and danced free from care, Din'elen sought out reason. He found himself desperate to attach meaning to everything he encountered. From the passage of the seasons to the cycle of the moon, Din'elen ordered every phenomena in his mind and looked upon his peers sadly, knowing that they would never question their existence, much less their place in a world that seemed, to Din'elen, to be increasingly chaotic.

As he grew into his years of transition, he studied with the hunters and learned more about the world around him as well as about those who lived in the lands outside his own. The human barbarians of the north were a constant nemesis to the elven hunters who always watched for possible incursions, while still remaining responsible for providing game to the village for food. Din'elen quickly learned to take offense at the humans' presence, since they appeared to have little or no respect for the lands they hunted and they destroyed anything that happened to be unlucky enough to encounter them. The elves of Din'elen's village took from the land only what it was capable of giving and respected the resources of the woods while acknowledging the limitations placed upon them as they went about their daily work.

Din'elen grew to be increasingly distant from those around him. He spent a great deal of time watching the humans, observing their ways and, at times, even coming to blows with them. The other hunters seemed content to hit and run from the aggressive heathens, but Din'elen argued that by making ordered strikes into their lands, they could keep the humans at bay more readily. Din'elen was concerned for the safety of his people, and he believed that the growing population of humans meant only trouble, since the elves' own numbers grew not nearly so fast. By the time Din'elen had seen his 160th winter, he had become solemn indeed, and upon reaching adulthood, he petitioned the elders who raised him to allow him to venture farther out into the world. They told him that his path was his to choose, and Din'elen was dissatisfied even with that answer, believing that the elders, being wise, should make their decision based on its merit and not on the whim of the petitioner.

Din'elen Tiriandara, Seeker of Like Minds: Leaving the elves of his village, Din'elen embarked upon a personal quest. While he had given up the idea that he could bring order to his own people, he nonetheless sought a way to preserve their chosen lifestyle and repel the humans far from their woods. Traveling deeper into the northlands than he had ever gone before, Din'elen continued to study the humans. Though he remained a silent watcher among their people, he began to notice how stronger humans preyed and bullied those weaker than them into submission. They made sacrifices to Grazz't, the Dark Prince of the Abyss, whom they worshiped by pouring blood over altars that were nothing more than intricately carved blocks of ice.

Moving among the humans, Din'elen found a select few who believed as he did. He formed a tentative bond with these younglings and taught them to fight for themselves. Working silently all the while, Din'elen began to see potential for those who sought his aid, and while fighting alongside these worthy few, began to harass those who worshiped Grazz't. Slowly, but surely, the lesser thralls found mercy at the point of Din'elen's blade, as he found a deeper satisfaction in subduing his opponents rather than killing them outright. In the end, they either gave up their foul practice or met with justice at the hands of those goodly humans with whom Din'elen had found favor.

Din'elen Tiriandara, Demon's Bane: It wasn't long before Din'elen, and those with whom he worked, met with their first failure. Fleeing from the lands controlled by Grazz't's minions, Din'elen and his band entered his homeland and sought refuge among the elves of Din'elen's village. However, it wasn't long before the Thralls of Grazz't followed their trail, and Din'elen realized that he had put his people directly in harm's way, which is something he had never intended to do. Striking out with the most adept of his human allies, Din'elen journeyed beneath the earth into dark caverns that reputedly led to the source of evil: a portal to Grazz't himself. After many months of searching, they finally encountered this place of vile evil and put the Grand Thrall of Grazz't to the sword. The fight was long and hard, and though Din'elen offered the Grand Thrall mercy in the end, it was refused, and silently, stoically, Din'elen put him down. His allies gave him the name Tiriandara, which means Demon's Bane in their native human language, and from that point on, Din'elen and his companions have worked to clear the land of Grazz't's influence.

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