Encounter Level Calculator
Andy Collins

So, you're planning your heroes' final showdown with their archenemy...but will they be ready for it? Or maybe you have a party of 5th-level characters but you don't know which monsters will really challenge them? Our Encounter Level calculator was designed for just such Dungeon Master dilemmas.Whether you have specific foes in mind or want suggestions, we.ll help you design the perfect encounter!

You can use this program in two ways:

(1) Select the Challenge Rating of your chosen foe(s) that have the same CR. This might be a single dragon, a pack of owlbears, or even a mixed group of gnolls and zombies. We'll tell you the proper encounter level.


(2) Select the Challenge Rating of any two creatures of different CRs, and we'll tell you the encounter level. Note that in most cases (any time the difference between the monsters' individual Challenge Ratings is greater than 3), the Encounter Level matches the more powerful creature's Challenge Rating.

Remember, whatever doesn't kill the PCs?


INSTRUCTIONS: To calculate the EL for an encounter, click on the "+" and "-" buttons
in the section appropriate to your monster mix. The calculator will generate the resulting EL.

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