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Terror T.R.A.X.
Terror T.R.A.X.

Before The Chronicle, before Special Unit 2, before Freakylinks -- there was Terror T.R.A.X --

Everyone knows to dial 911 in an emergency, but what happens to the really strange calls that come in? You know, the werewolf sightings, vampire attacks. Those emergency calls, fielded nationwide by 911 operators, are referred to you!

In Terror T.R.A.X. interactive audio games, you control a network of operatives who secretly investigate these mysterious events. Deployment operations are handed down from T.R.A.X. Command -- that is, Trace, Research, Analyze, and eXterminate. You pursue these inhuman villains as you listen to each audio track via our website, and the decisions you make determine what happens next!

Suggested for mature listeners, Track of the Vampire is a unique interactive horror fiction experience. This chilling adventure features realistic, spine-tingling audio for added atmosfear. Originally published in 1994 on audio CD, Track of the Vampire is now available online just in time for Halloween. Play at your own risk.

Download Audio Adventure (16.7mb ZIP)

To launch the adventure, extract all files to a folder
and run the INDEX.htm file from your browser.

NOTE:You will need to have Realplayer 8 or Real Jukebox
installed on your system to play the audio files.

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