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Draconomicon Map Gallery

Dragons are majestic, yet deadly, creatures. When dealing with dragons, whether it is to destroy one or assist one, PCs may find themselves venturing into dangerous and unknown places. Take a look at the untagged versions of the maps and diagrams found within the Draconomicon, the sourcebook detailing all kinds of things about dragons, and see where you may end up! These maps are not the final versions you'll see in the book, though enterprising DMs can personalize them for other uses more easily as a result.

Special thanks go to Todd Gamble for creating these maps and diagrams.

Click the links below to view the maps. Please note that the sizes are different than those in the final book, and that these maps deliberately lack place names, compass roses, keys, and so on. (Because of this, you may find them useful in other ways.)

Black Dragon Lair Blue Dragon Lair Brass Dragon Lair Bronze Dragon Lair Copper Dragon Lair
Gold Dragon Lair Green Dragon Lair Red Dragon Lair Silver Dragon Lair White Dragon Lair
Space/Reach Strafing Run Clumsy Maneuverability Flight Cone-Shaped Breath Weapons
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