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Worldwide D&D Game Day
D&D 30th Anniversary

Worldwide D&D Game Day 2005 Information

Ready your dice for action at the biggest celebration of the greatest roleplaying game ever -- the Worldwide D&D Game Day. Join the fracas defeating fiendish monsters, overcoming diabolical traps, and swapping heroic stories while making the 30th anniversary of Dungeon & Dragons unforgettable.

Saturday, October 16, 2004, participating game stores will present two adventures well stocked with hapless monsters to slay. Bring some friends to adventure with or meet some new gaming buddies at the event. The mini adventure, Lair or the Mad Alchemist, provides a great introduction to D&D, while The Forgotten Forge offers the thrill of a full-scale adventure set in the exciting new world of Eberron.

Playing either adventure earns you rewards points when you sign up for D&D Rewards and the RPGA. Additionally, each player receives a free Worldwide D&D Game Day souvenir* to add to their treasure trove. Souvenirs include D&D Miniatures, 30th anniversary d20s, and other cool swag.

More 30th Anniversary Treats

Thirty Years of Adventure:
A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Dice

Special Edition Player's Handbook

30th Anniversary Timeline

Events at Gen Con Indy

  • Epic Level D&D Party
  • D&D Timeline Exhibit
  • D&D Open: Shards of Eberron
  • RPGA Delve: Castle Greyhawk
  • RPGA Delve: Undermountain
  • Living City Finale
  • D&D Miniatures Championship
  • "Stump the Designer" Q&A

In early August, we will post a list of participating locations. Contact the event organizer at specific location for start times, directions, or other participation requirements. In the mean time, here are some tips to help you on your way:

  • Be sure to bring a pen or pencil and a couple sheets of paper.
  • Equip yourself with a set of dice which includes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided dice. Game stores usually sell these as sets in a variety of nifty colors and sizes.
  • Characters for Lair of the Mad Alchemist are provided at the event.
  • Characters for The Forgotten Forge become available online at the end of September.
  • RPGA membership cards are available at the event for participants who need them.
  • Visit the Heroes of the Worldwide D&D Game Day thread on the message boards and start making plans with your friends.

Worldwide D&D Day FAQ

Read answers to commonly asked questions in this FAQ.

Worldwide D&D Day Venue List

Check this list of locations to see where you can participate in Worldwide D&D Day.

Be sure to stop back between now and October 16th for the latest news and updates concerning the Worldwide D&D Game Day. To learn more about the RPGA and other play opportunities, visit Newcomer's Info on the RPGA website.

*Available while supplies last.

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